S’ Bay vet turns true-blue grimebuster for his community

He turned an eyesore into a red, white and blue sight for sore eyes!

Sheepshead Bay Gulf War veteran Dave Machin says he was so sick and tired of looking at the graffiti-splattered wall at the corner of East 21st Street and Jerome Avenue near his home, that he decided to go to war with it — scoring a bullseye with his very first attempt at community beautification.

While his neighbors were firing up the grill and enjoying themselves on Memorial Day weekend, the 37-year-old transit cop armed himself with paint and a brush, and spent 10 hours in the sweltering heat covering up the scrawlings with a glorious mural of the Stars and Stripes.

“It’s a small price to pay to honor all of the fallen heroes that truly make this country the Home of the Brave,” said the grimebuster, remarking, “Covering up graffiti is a first step in sending a

message to criminals that we won’t tolerate criminal activities.”

Machin’s patriotic masterpiece is getting plenty of attention from admirers in the neighborhood.

“It’s very nice to see our flag displayed so prominently in the community for everyone to see,” said area resident Erica Sherman, who was stopped in her tracks by the vibrant eye-catcher as she was passing it.

Machin’s pro-active effort is a boon for the area which has a shortage of Old Glories despite boasting its fair share of war heroes — past and present.

“It sends a message to our vets that our country truly supports them and what they do,” said the novice artist.

His biggest fan, of course, is his proud wife, Linda, who enthused: “It’s gorgeous, it came out beautifully!”

The muralist’s first foray into the big art world may have only just begun.

“This is one wall in a sea of walls riddled with graffiti — one down, one million more to go!” he mused.

— Shavana Abruzzo