Salmon swiper celled!

Heading upstreamA 21-year-old thief was arrested on Jan. 29 when he was caught trying to make off with $125 worth of salmon from the Avenue Y Stop & Shop.Headphone grabA quick-moving thug ripped a pair of pricey headphones from a 16-year-oldPainted heartsA tagger was arrested on Shore Parkway on Jan. 26 after he was caught scrawling out a missive to his girlfriend.Car crackerA thief broke into a 2004 Toyota Corolla parked on West End Avenue on Jan. 25, taking a womanNavigation swipeA thief broke into a 2001 Honda parked on Coyle Street on Jan. 29, taking a Garmin navigation system.Still more break-insNo neighborhood was safe from car looters last week Cell grabA sticky-fingered goon made off with a 60-year-old manShot deadA gunman shot a 23-year-old in the back of the head Money grabberA thief dressed as a Hasidic man is being sought for raiding a 79th Street store on Jan. 19.X robA thief jumped a 28-year-old woman on Avenue X on Jan. 20, taking her handbag.Flower pot flingerTalk about flower power! An unhinged thug tossed a flower pot into a Manhattan Beach home on Jan. 20 after calling the homeowner a cyber-menace.

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