Salute the Navy!

Several days later the destroyer USS McFaul responded to a distress call from a merchant vessel. The deep-sea mini-battle was successful and our Navy captured 10 more pirates.

Just the other day, in the violence-plagued waters off Somalia, the USS Ashland exchanged fire with another group of pirates. Another buccaneer vessel was destroyed and voila – 6 more prisoners. This was the second recent attack on a US Naval ship and the third direct encounter in two weeks.

I know I’m supposed to use the words “suspected” and “alleged” and all the rest of the polite, politically correct garbage. OK — the so-called US Navy was allegedly attacked by suspected pirates and is now purportedly holding 21 so-called suspected pirates.

What I really want to ask Eric Holder is — were these gentlemen, the supposed marauders, read their rights? Were they assigned lawyers? Did our American heroes punch anyone? Where will the trial be held? I’m not asking for much — am I?

I just want the alleged criminals of the deep to receive the same ridiculous BS that our government wants to give those who are captured on land.


I’ve been watching a lot of MSNBC lately and contrary to the baloney spewed by the talking heads, the Tea Party is growing.

According to the most recent Rasmussen Poll, 24 percent of Americans “align” themselves with the Tea Party movement. If standing there to observe, interview and offer a smile of approval is equivalent to “align” then I am aligned.

On April 15 I spent about an hour and a half with a couple of thousand people in Florida.There were lots of signs that sent messages to Obama but I neither heard nor saw any mention of the “N” word. Use of the “N” word in this particular assemblage would have been counterproductive because a good number of the folks there, including some of the sign carriers, were African American. So much for the libs calling the Tea Party a bunch of racist white folks … not here anyway.

They carried American flags, many professional banners and a lot of homemade posters. “I AM A DEMOCRAT AND I AM T.E.A. — TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY” caught my eye. So did “FIRE THIS GANGSTER GOVERNMENT!”

And, of course, there were many that shouted, both verbally and on signs, “WE WILL REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER”

There were folks of all ages, colors and religions. Some were in costume, others in work clothes. At least three physicians dressed in their scrubs did a lot of talking about healthcare. I heard more singing than shouting. I, myself, sang “God Bless America” at least five times. There was a lot of politicking but I was more interested in finding out who these people were. I met mechanics, engineers, medical people, a hairdresser, working folks, students and retirees. There were people there from all walks of life with, and from what I saw, they all had one thing in common: They were AMERICANS peacefully expressing their constitutional rights. I am [email protected] telling you who have been demeaning them, you better start taking them seriously.

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