Santa paws: Pose with this adorable dog for your howl-iday photos

Santa paws: Pose with this adorable dog for your howl-iday photos
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Get snug with a pug for the holidays!

Holiday revelers who want a photo with Santa Claus can switch things up this holiday season by having a tiny Santa sit on their lap!

At the Grumpy Bert gift shop and art gallery in Boerum Hill on Dec. 6 and 13, Remy, the gallery’s beloved shop dog, will get a jolly makeover to look like Saint Nick, and will pose with humans and other pooches alike, said the gallery’s owner and namesake.

“We’re getting a Christmas tree, decorating, so its going to look festive and we’ll have photo lights set up,” said Albert Chau. “It’s for humans and four-legged creatures too.”

This is the first time Chau and his wife Lynne have dressed up Remy for such a shoot, so they plan to keep the canine Claus on his best behavior with the help of treats, he said.

“His favorite treats are carrots, so he’s probably going to get a lot of carrots,” said Chau.

The 4-and-a-half-year-old pug is a fixture at the gallery. Since the Chaus opened the space in 2012, he has kept patrons company during shopping hours, at art shows, and during Lynne’s Lost Lit writing workshops and readings.

“He’s been around since the beginning,” said Chau. “Everyone pretty much adores him, so he’s like our little shop mascot. There’s neighborhood people that just come in and ask for him.”

Remy is so popular with artists that many have pushed the Chaus to hold an art show dedicated to the pooch.

“They aren’t very patient, they’re always giving us Remy art, like portraits of him,” said Chau. Some of that art can be seen on the Remy the Pug Instagram page.

For those who want to meet Santa’s little helper before their photoshoot, the pooch will attend opening of the gallery’s annual FlipBooKit Show on Dec. 5 at 6 pm. The show will feature flipbook art (also called kineographs) from 44 artists set inside of customized contraptions that rapidly flip the images to create an animation.

“Take A Photo With Santa Remy Claus” at Grumpy Bert [82 Bond St. between State Street and Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill, (347) 855-4849, www.grumpybert.com]. Dec. 6 and 13, 10 am–noon. Free.

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