Scammer lures victim into gun-point robbery

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Fakebook Fraudster

A gunman tried to rob a man at an Avenue L apartment building on Oct. 20.

The victim told police that he was meeting with a girl that he met on Facebook at “her” home near Flatbush Avenue at 1:30 am, but when he got there he was greeted by the gun-wielding crook.

After a brief scuffle, the villiam attempted to shoot the victim — but the gun had no bullets, causing him to frantically flee.

Three’s company

Police arrested three teens who allegedly robbed several people on Flatlands Avenue on Oct. 19.

One victim told police that three suspects allegedly punched him near E. 59th Street at around 7 pm, before mugging him.

— Jessica Parks