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Scary laptop mugging on Berry

Laptop strike

A perp struck a man in his head and stole his laptop on N. Fifth Street on Jan 2.

The man told cops that he was near Berry Street at 10:30 am when he felt a tugging at his laptop case. The victim turned around, but was met with a punch to his head. He fell to the ground and the perp grabbed his laptop.

L-train theft

A perp grabbed a woman’s iPhone as she was leaving the Bedford Avenue L-train station on Jan. 3.

The woman told cops that she was leaving the station at N. Seventh Street at around 8:30 pm when the perp ran up and grabbed the smartphone right out of her hand. She chased the perp up, but he got away.

Sweater stolen

A thief broke into a car on Jackson Street on Jan. 5 and stole $1,380 worth of sweaters and stationery.

The driver parked her car at Manhattan Avenue at 6 pm, but when she returned at 8 am the next day, she found that her rear window had been broken and her property had been swiped.

Henry’s end

Thieves hit up two cars on N. Henry Street on Jan. 5.

In the first case, a thief stole an iPad and iPod from the backseat of a vehicle that had been left near Herbert Street at 10 pm. The goods were gone by 9:45 the next morning.

In the second case, the thief took the entire car. The owner told cops that she’d parked her Honda near Meeker Avenue at 11:30 pm, but it was gone when she returned eight hours later.

Toyota taken

Thieves stole two Toyota from Humboldt Street last week.

In the first theft, the owner told cops that he’d parked near Driggs Avenue at 9:30 pm on Jan. 4, but the car was gone nine hours later.

Four days later, a man parked on the same block at 3:30 pm, but when he returned less than two hours later, he found his car was missing.

Lots of burgs

There were at least three burglaries last week:

• A burglar stole a laptop and a television from a McGuinness Boulevard apartment on Jan. 4. The tenant left her apartment near Norman Avenue at 4:15 pm, but her roommate discovered the crime at 6:30 pm.

• A thief stole a stereo system, computer and iPod from a Newton Street apartment on Jan. 6. The tenant had left the apartment near McGuinness Boulevard at noon and returned at 9:50 pm to find the joint ransacked.

• A perp stole a set of tools, a laptop and $800 from two Eckford Street apartments on Jan 6. The tenant locked the door of the basement unit near Calyer Street at 5 pm, but when he returned 12 hours later, he saw the locks were removed and the tools were stolen. Another apartment’s front door was damaged and unlocked, and its property was stolen, too.

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