Schoolhouse shock: Boro schools rocked by three bomb threats in one week

Schoolhouse shock: Boro schools rocked by three bomb threats in one week
Photo by Paul Martinka

Someone called in a bomb threat to Clara Barton High School in Crown Heights on Friday — the third borough high-school bomb scare in one week, and now police are investigating a possible connection between the explosive but empty threats.

Administrators at the Classon Avenue school received the call at 11:43 am, prompting an evacuation and a subsequent search by police that failed to turn up any explosives or other dangerous devices, according to cops.

Faculty at Midwood High School fielded a similar bomb threat on Feb. 28, as did Park Slope’s John Jay Educational Campus on March 2.

In both incidents, police scoured the schools but also turned up empty handed, and students were herded back into class in less than two hours following their evacuations.

Cops are looking into whether there’s a connection between the three threats, according to a Police Department spokesman — although there is nothing specifically linking them right now.

Naturally, officers are also exploring the possibility that some of the calls were the work of less fastidious students trying to avoid exams, according to police sources.

“Because every time we vacate there nothing happening, it seems to like somebody called because they don’t want to take the test,” a source said.

City high-school students were not undertaking any state or city testing — such as mid-terms or the Regents exam — last week, according to Nigel Franklin, assistant principal at Millennium High School, which is one of several schools at John Jay.

Despite the police’s investigations into a possible link, the Department of Education considers the threats completely unrelated, according to agency spokeswoman Toya Holness.

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