Sci-fi spoof shows robots enslaving humanity using Facebook

The evil robots are taking over — one Facebook update at a time.

In the comedic musical “2010: Our Hideous Future,” the dystopian visions of the future found in films such as “The Terminator” and “Blade Runner” fall flat in unexpected, but familiar ways — with terrifyingly intelligent robots using social networking to control humanity.

“We use the language of these big-budget movies to make fun of modern mundane technology,” said director Carl Danielson.

But not everything is worth laughing at, as an environmental disaster of epic proportions has brought the human race to its knees, giving the nearly-human robots full reign over the earth. Thankfully a heroine, named Kate Brick, rises to face the robots — but her fellow warm-blooded bipeds are having trouble seeing what all the fuss is about.

“That struggle between sacrificing everything to fight for humans, and succumbing to accept current technology to enjoy simple pleasures is a major conflict,” said actress Kamela Dolinova who plays Kate.

Though it’s set two years ago in 2010, this musical parody of cyberpunk films like the “The Matrix” has the flashy and fun sci-fi look of a movie made in the 1980s with costumes lined with fluorescent electroluminescent wiring and a score that mixes pop, punk, and eight-bit tunes.

By blending retro and futuristic, the play riffs on aging-but-classic sci-fi flicks set in the not-so-distant future.

“‘Blade Runner’ was set in 2017,” said composer Andy Hicks. “And now, all of that is supposed to only be five years away from now. It’s pretty funny to think about.”

2010: Our Hideous Future: The Musical at Triskelion Arts [118 N. 11th St. between Wythe Avenue and Berry Street in Williamsburg. (718) 599-3577, www.triskelionarts.org]. Aug. 3, 8pm, $10.

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