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Scoundrel flashes knife and robs deliveryman

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Quick as a flash

A no-goodnik threatened a deliveryman with a knife and then stole his chain and $25 on Ridge Boulevard on Jan. 12.

The lout flashed the knife and stole the goods at the corner of Bay Ridge Parkway just after 7 pm, when the man was delivering food, police reported. The thief then fled on foot on Ridge Boulevard, according to authorities.

Cash grab

A pack of perps stole about $12,000 from a Third Avenue restaurant on Jan. 8.

The no-goodniks broke into the eatery between 72nd and 73rd streets from above, through a shared doorway in a neighboring apartment hallway, just after 1:15 am, and grabbed the cash, according to a police report.

No steal

A miscreant broke through a wall in an 86th Street store on Jan. 7 but left empty-handed.

The would-be thief broke into the store between Fourth and Fifth avenues through a sidewall and opened drawers at the front desk just after 8 pm, police said, and the entire thing was caught on video.

The intruder even tried to get into the safe, but ultimately exited through the same damaged wall without taking anything, cops said. An employee noticed the damaged wall when she opened the store the following day, according to a report.

Wheeled and stealed

A crook took four rims and tires off a 2017 Honda Accord parked on 71st Street on Jan. 9.

The crook made the steal between 12th and 13th avenues at some point between midnight and 12:40 pm, officials said.

Special delivery

A pair of good-for-nothings assaulted a deliveryman on 76th Street on Jan. 12 and stole his phone.

The victim told police he was between Colonial Road and Ridge Boulevard at around midnight, when the pair distracted him, before punching and kicking him, grabbing the phone, and fleeing on foot, police reported.

— Julianne McShane

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