Screeching out to the Screecher — and Mrs. Screecher


Yeah — our very own Big Screecher, Carmine Santa Maria, celebrated his big 44th anniversary with his lovely wife Sharon. The pair actually got hitched on March 16, but due to the Screecher’s obligations with the BWECC! gala event of the century, festivities had to be postponed to this past weekend. The happy couple tripped the light fantastic at Restaurant 101 in Bay Ridge, dinning on a chicken cutlet entree for Sharon and loin of pork and broccoli di rabe, along with an appetizer and dessert, for our favorite columnist. The Big Screecher was a big sport and gave his lovely bride carte blanche on his Master Card as an anniversary gift, telling Standing O, “Thank god for Sharon, I don’t know if I would have ever made it without her by my side.” Standing O says, “Sharon, you are a saint.” Wishing you both many happy cent anni.



Each year students from around the country compete in the August Wilson Monologue Competition.

The LeAp- (Learning Through an Extended Arts Program) sponsored event, now in it’s fourth year, is named after the famed Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatist, African-American August Wilson.

Entrants are charged with performing two-to-three-minute monologues from one of Wilson’s plays from his Century Cycle series. Judges then rank the students based on their energy, physical presentation, lines and memorization, characterization and emotional connectedness, as well as their vocal presentation, projection, and their understanding of the material.

To be or not to be: (From left) Taylor Garcia, Siddiq Saunderson, Deidre Ricketts, and Jose Rodriguez will go on to compete in the state portion of the August Wilson Monologue Competition.

This year’s budding dramatists, Taylor Garcia, Siddiq Saunderson, Deidre Ricketts and alternate Jose Rodriguez, all hail from Edward R. Murrow HS and will go on to compete in the state portion of the competition in Manhattan on April 19.

Edward R. Murrow HS [1600 Ave. L at E. 17th Street in Midwood, (718) 258-9283].

Bay Ridge

In the beginning…

Congratulations to the students at Xaverian who competed in the Science Olympiad at Grover Cleveland High School, The Genesis Program teens, led by faculty members Robert Procida and James Screiner, placed in the top five in four separate categories: Meteorology, Storm the Castle, Dynamic Planet, and Rocks and Minerals. They even aced the trophy for best new team. “The whole day was just a great success, Standing O pal Robert told us. “Our students won over with a bang.”

Xaverian HS [7100 Shore Rd. between MacKay Place and 71st Street in Bay Ridge, (718) 836-7100].

High honors: Philip Weinberg, principal at HS of Telecommunication Arts and Technology, was honored by the city for his work.

Borough Wide

Civil suits

Each year the city honors extraordinary government employees with the Sloan Public Service Awards, and this year, our borough snagged two of the best civil servants around. Donna Lee Gordon, director of Behavioral Health Nursing and Palliative Care at Coney Island Hospital. Donna was lauded for her pioneering work which revolutionized care for the chronically and terminally ill patients in the community. Philip Weinberg, principal of the High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology in Bay Ridge, was given the thumbs up for his stewardship and leadership in shepherding his students to outstanding achievements. The recipients were honored at a whoop-de-do at Cooper Union last month, where they each got a cash prize of $10,000. Mayor Bloomberg said Brooklyn “is blessed with a great public workforce and this year’s honorees represent the best of government and the very best of what our city has to offer.” Of course, Standing O knew that already.


Hold the mayo, add pickles

Three cheers to the Roy Campanella HS students in Dolores Levy and Ms. Osorio’s classes for their caring and generosity. Do-gooding students Kevin Walters, Tamika Burke and their classmates make, wrap, and pack sandwiches and then deliver the yummy meals to the Salt and Sea Mission, a local food pantry in Coney Island. What started out as a one time deal has morphed into a weekly trip to provide food to the mission.

Standing O pal Dolores told us, “This is win-win situation, our students learn about life skills, food preparation, and navigating public transportation, all the while helping others in need of a meal.”

PS 721 K, The Roy Campanella HS [64 Avenue X between W. 11th and W. 12th streets in Gravesend, (718) 996-8199].

High honors: Donna Lee Gordon, director of Behavioral Health Nursing and Palliative Care at Coney Island Hospital, was honored by the city for her work.

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