Screwdriver-wielding goon shatters car window

78th Precinct

Park Slope


Some jerk broke the window of a man’s car parked on Second Avenue on Sept. 6 with a screwdriver.

The victim told police that the suspect smashed up the vehicle near Sixth Street at 1:25 am, destroying the driver’s-side window.

Peddling crime

A thief rode off with a man’s bike he locked up outside a Ninth Street pharmacy on Sept. 4.

The victim told police he used a “flimsy lock” to secure his bike between Fifth and Sixth avenues at 11:30 pm, and that he returned four hours later to find his ride stolen.

Train terror

Some crook nabbed a wallet and bag off a sleeping straphanger on a 5 train at Atlantic Terminal on Sept. 3.

The victim told police he had nodded off while aboard the Manhattan-bound train at the station near Flatbush Avenue at 12:30 pm when the suspect grabbed his bag, which contained a cellphone, $200 money order, and pants, among other valuables.

Parking rage

A man threatened to kill a motorist in a Nevins Street parking lot on Sept. 5.

The victim told police he was inside the garage near Union Street at 2:40 pm when he and the other driver nearly collided, eliciting a tirade that left the victim fearing for his life.

— Colin Mixson

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