Scumbag beats man in botched drug deal


Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

Crack attack 

A brute assaulted a man during a botched drug deal on 58th Street on Nov. 5. 

The victim told police that he met with his attacker to buy cocaine near Third Avenue at around 1:30 am, but didn’t have enough money to pay — causing the bursier to punch and kick him repeatedly. 

Bar brawl

A jerk attacked a man at a Fifth Avenue bar on Nov. 8.

The victim told police that he was fighting with the lout over a seat at the bar near 40th Street, when the brute smashed the victim in the face with a glass. 

Garage mayhem

A hooligan bit an auto body shop employee on Third Avenue on Nov. 5. 

An employee told police that the miscreant entered the shop near 53rd Street around 1:23 pm and sat in one of the cars being worked on and tried to start it. When the employee tried to get the goon to leave, the lunatic spat at him and bit him — before getting out of the car and swinging his belt at him. 

Bye-bye bicycles 

A sneak stole two bikes from a 43rd Street apartment building on Nov. 3.

The sneak popped open the door of the apartment building near Third Avenue at around 1:30 am and swiped two bikes, worth about $1000 in total.

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