Secure the border — for our kids’ sakes

My youngest grandchild is 4 years old. Those of us with young children in our family know how much pleasure, joy, and smiles they give us.

Not a week goes by where we do not learn about another horrible deed by President Obama’s “Junior Varsity.” This one caused me to lose my lunch. Everybody knows about the gruesome so-called “Islamic State” punishments. The vile mongrels beheaded a 4-year-old girl. Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, they forced the mother to wash her hands in her daughter’s blood.

It is imperative that we keep those crazy, sick, sons of mutts out of the United States at all costs. Our representatives on the border must check every single foreigner that is being permitted to move into the United States before they cross. If we aren’t sure of who a person is — or what his motives are — send him back. Ya hear that Hillary? Even those of you who are not Trump fans must agree with him on that.

• • •

“California Here I Come” — great song, but I ain’t going. We have visited the Golden State several times, but no more. The current problems are major wildfires. Hundreds have evacuated their homes headed for safer areas. Those very safer areas are also being hit by major droughts.

It was just a few short years ago when much of those areas of the world-famous Palm Springs were severely flooded. We also read about mud slides pushing homes down hills and into the valleys. There were lightning strikes — plus whatever else wicked and ruthless in the weather department. Our fellow Americans who reside in California have suffered beyond the call.

Yet, some of us believe that the worst is yet to come. The San Andreas Fault spans much of California. Should that fault split, a chunk of the Golden State may become covered by the Pacific Ocean. One friend who owns real estate in that vicinity swears if that should happen, he will be the owner of some very expensive oceanfront property. Does anyone believe that it is worth the investment now?

• • •

As of this writing, 45 killed and more than 230 injured in the Turkey airport attack. Almost all of the authorities believe that this massacre was caused by Barack Obama’s Junior Varsity. Nice going Mr. President. Keep telling us that we have the Islamic State contained. Good try. Others in government disagree with you. Perhaps you should give serious thought to changing your story along with a new strategy.

• • •

At this time of year, every newspaper, magazine, and voice on the tube is offering you his opinion of what to read. Me? I’m no different. The following are a few thoughts from the discussions around our dinner table. Let’s start with food.

Most of the folks I know do a lot of barbecuing. Take a few minutes before the company comes to flip through “The Great American Burger Book” by George Motz. You will find several great recipes for different preparations of America’s favorite hamburgers. Try a few and you will find many notes of satisfaction by your guests.

Then, when everyone has left, you’ve cleaned the grill, tossed out the trash. and you are ready to settle down quietly, there’s always some terrific horror by Stephen King. “End of Watch” is “gleefully gross,” if that’s what you enjoy.

Not for you? Okay. There’s good reading with a supply of sex mixed in along with foreign espionage in “Once Upon a Challenge” by Albert P. Gabrielle. I think this is Big Al’s 12th book, and if you have enjoyed any of his others, you are sure to love this one. I did.

I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net wishing you all a super-sensational summer with some happy, entertaining books.

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