SEE IT: Fan Attacks WWE Superstar at Barclays Center

The scene inside Barclays Center when a fan attacked WWE superstar Seth Rollins.

A fan attacked WWE superstar Seth Rollins at Barclays Center on Nov. 22 — rushing from the stands to tackle the wrestler to the ground during a minute-long scuffle. 

Rollins had been heading off the main floor following his match against Finn Balor during this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, but fans got to see an additional skirmish free of charge, as the scofflaw used his shoulder to ram the 207-pound Rollins and knock him to the ground. 

Videos of the incident flooded Instagram and Twitter, with shocked users wondering about the man’s motivations for attacking a professional wrestler.  

WWE referees and security came to Rollins’ rescue as he attempted to get out of the fan’s grips. They quickly removed the fan off Rollins, who walked away with only a minor swelling on his lip.

Other videos show the fan getting escorted by security as the Brooklyn crowd repeatedly chanted “f–ck him up”. 

In a statement with Fox, the WWE stated that “WWE takes the safety of its performers very seriously. The individual who attacked Seth Rollins has been turned over to the NYPD and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

While Rollins returned to the ring after the incident, The NYPD arrested the fan who will be facing three criminal charges for attempted assault, attempted violation of arts and cultural affairs, and disrupting a live sporting event.

This is not the first altercation between a fan and a WWE superstar in the Barclays Center. In 2019, a fan rushed pro wrestling legend, Bret Hart, during the WWE Hall of Fame show. 

The Barclays Center was also the venue for the 41st annual “Survivor Series” Pay-Per-View on Sunday, Nov. 21.