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Sex tape sparks attack

Sex, lies and videotape

A 19-year-old was arrested on March 14 for attacking an acquaintance who allegedly made a sex tape with the teen’s cousin.

The victim told police that the teen confronted him about the tape in front of his E. 31st Street home at 1:30 am, and struck him in the face and leg with a broken bottle.

It was unclear if the victim actually did make the tape.

Stabbed and robbed

A knife-wielding thug attacked a 28-year-old on Flatbush Avenue on March 16, stabbing her repeatedly during the bloody mugging.

The victim was between Avenues K and L at 2 pm when the thug lunged, stabbed her in the arm, and then ran off with her electronics.

Masked men sought

A crew of mask-wearing thieves are being sought for at least two area robberies.

Police said the thugs barged into a Flatbush Avenue store near Avenue R at about 10 pm on March 18, pistol-whipped an employee, took $3,500, and fled.

The thieves then entered a Flatlands Avenue store near E. 54th Street at 11:05 pm, flashed their guns, and took more than $8,000.

Scratched with screwdriver

A 27-year-old was arrested on March 17 after she attacked a girlfriend with a screwdriver during an argument on Farragut Road.

The victim said she and her friend were yelling at each other between E. 59th Street and Ralph Avenue when the woman lunged at her with the screwdriver, catching her behind the ear.

Tire swap

A tire thief toured Mill Island on March 15, swiping the wheels off a 2010 Nissan Maxima parked on Arkansas Drive.

The owner of the car said he parked his prize near 56th Drive at 7:30 pm. The tires were gone by the next morning.

Fire sale

A crafty thief tried to bilk a Flatbush Avenue supermarket of $248 on March 18 by trying to pass himself off as a fire inspector — but inflamed workers doused his plans.

Workers at the grocery, which is between Avenues I and J, said the thief entered the store at 2:20 pm, and claimed that the business had failed a fire inspection.

The thief was demanding $248 for the inspection when workers challenged his authority and demanded to see his ID — which sent the imposter hot-footing out the door.

Ring swipe

A thief snagged a ring from a Ralph Avenue jeweler on March 19.

Workers at the store, located near Avenue K, said that the thief came in just before 11 am and asked to see a ring in the display case.

When an employee took the ring out so the thief could have a closer look, the goon grabbed it and ran out the door.

Pot pinch

A thief broke into a 2004 Chevrolet parked on Avenue V on March 23 — just so he could get at the three pots inside.

The victim said she left her car parked between Stuart and Burnett streets at 8 pm, not realizing that a gourmet chef desperately needing new kitchenware was going to happen by.

Pill popper pinch

A thief jonesing for pain killers raided an Avenue N pharmacy on March 17.

Workers at the store, which located is on E. 34 Street, said the thief entered at 11 am and flashed his gun.

“Put painkillers in the bag or I’ll shoot,” he demanded before running off with the pharmaceuticals.

Stabbed on Utica

A thug stabbed a 32-year-old man in the chest on March 18 during a violent clash on Avenue N.

The victim told police that he was having words with his assailant — a complete stranger — near Utica Avenue when he the thug lunged at him.

Air conditioner sneak

A thief entered an E. 51st Street home on March 19 after removing an air conditioner from a side window.

The tenants of the home, which is located between Avenue O and Fillmore Avenue, said someone entered the home at about 1 am — after pulling the air conditioner out of the window it was housed in and crawling through the opening he had made.

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