Sexual harassment: Just don’t do it!

To the editor,

I’ve been trying to make some sense of the daily sexual harassment allegations in the media — but I can’t. Although most allegations have not been proven in a court of law, I have no doubt that most are true.

I read comments by those who blame the victim, stating that women spend much time trying to look glamorous, wear provocative clothing and the like. So what? Wearing certain attire is not an invitation to sexually harass. Their attire can be an insecurity issue and they seek attention, not molestation.

Let’s look at some obvious patterns. Most allegations are made by females against males. Also, most of the sexual harassers are males in positions of power, including President of the United States. I can only think of one president who has been alleged to sexually harass women, Donald Trump. Sorry, make that two, Bill Clinton. I must apologize again, George H.W. Bush. Whoops, I forgot, John Kennedy and I’m certain that I’m forgetting a few. How about presidents who dismissed sexual harassments by congressional members for favorable votes for their pet projects? Too bad the War on Poverty was a dismal failure.

Sexual harassment has existed since the beginning of time although it has come to light within the past half century and it became a fully blown issue within the past year or so. Some males cannot control their urges and will not be able to in the future — throw in power status and you have the composition of a predator. Control is the key; either by one’s inner core, or by external forces. Sexual predators cannot be cured, but many can be controlled.

Do women bear any responsibility for appearing too attractive? Even too sexually attractive? In my opinion, no. If women went to their workplace naked, men should not molest them. So let’s go back to the question at hand, “Who is responsible for sexual harassment?” Definitely, males are responsible. So here’s a dilettante’s suggestion for men who cannot control their urges: Replace the photo of your wife/girlfriend/swimsuit model on your desk with one of Ruth Buzzi’s “Gladys, the spinster” character of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In; it might help. If that doesn’t help, try a photo of Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi. If all else fails contact Client 9 for help, but do not molest.

Of course, one cannot escape government idiocy. In an extremely flawed critical reasoning comparison of “equality,” a few years ago the New York City Council ruled that if males can walk around topless, so can females. Neither should walk around topless in a civilized society and if you need a descriptive analysis of the Council’s “flawed comparison,” please let me know.

Rape of a female is a totally different matter. It is a violent infringement on, and attack of, a human. What should society do with rapists? In my opinion, Lorena Bobbitt them (research “Lorena Bobbitt”). Other methods are not permanent. Cruel, you say? Definitely — and so is rape. Victims will have a lasting nightmare of the attack and so should rapists!Elio Valenti

Brooklyn, NY

Consider a change

To the editor,

Now that Chancellor Farina has decided to retire, the City Council should make sure that her successor is not another ultra-liberal who is mainly concerned with closing schools, fewer suspensions for unruly behavior and free, so called nutritious lunches for all.

The chancellor’s tenure has been marked by increased violence in the schools regardless of what statistics state. Plenty of incidents are covered up by school principals to make it appear that their leadership is strong in the schools. We need a chancellor who will advocate for all students who come to school wanting to learn and teachers who want to teach, but cannot learn or teach due to the constant disruptions caused by recalcitrant, defiant brats who are there for free lunch and to carry on daily. We need a chancellor who will commit to the restoration of the 600 schools for chronically disruptive students. When such schools existed years ago, school decorum was far better.

In reality, the Police Department should be in control regarding school discipline so that educators may focus on learning.

The schools in this city that are failing are due to the students who attend them. If you placed the teachers the teachers in our so called top schools into the more difficult ones, you would find the same problems as some of the observed behavior becomes impossible to deal with.

Ed Greenspan

Sheepshead Bay

Tough talk at UN

To the editor,

America with backbone again!

It was sooo nice to see our President, through the Nikki Haley at the United Nations, finally stand up for our nation’s international political decisions. It is also refreshing to hear that the United States will be noting those countries that do not stand with our decisions. The small potentates who always have their hands out, picking our pockets for money, and those countries who owe their existence to us have been given notice. No more freebies at the expense of the American taxpayers and precious lives lost by our military, propping up their failing governments.

The U.N., which I call Useless Nonsense, has degraded into an international grouse-fest, accomplishing almost nothing over the decades. Mr. Trump keeps his promises so, no doubt, we expect funding to the UN to dry up, forcing freeloaders to pay up or get out!Robert W. Lobenstein

Marine Park

Don’t be un-fare

To the editor,

Of the hundreds of letters that Larry Penner has written to local newspapers, this is the first time I disagree with him (Be fare to riders- Dec 22). The bill vetoed by Gov. Cuomo to provide a second free transfer is a good one. More than a handful of riders require a double fare to complete their trip. It is common for many trips in outer areas, particularly in Queens to require two or more buses or two buses and a train. These are not even necessarily long trips. It takes three buses just to get from Sheepshead Bay across the bay to Rockaway Park because of outdated and deficient bus routing. The short term solution is to not further penalize riders for these inconvenient and time-consuming trips by requiring extra fares.

Further, many riders could make quicker trips using a bus to the subway and another bus, but instead opt for a more time-consuming two-bus trip just to save a fare. This is particular true for Kingsborough College students who opt for the B49 over the Brighton line. Since many of them may only take classes three times a week, an unlimited pass may not be worthwhile for them. This costs the MTA greater resources, by requiring extra buses to be provided while there is existing capacity on the subway.

The loss of revenue would be minimal because additional trips would be encouraged where capacity exists. It may also be feasible to recoup some of the revenue by reducing the time allowed for the final transfer from two hours to 90 minutes at times and places where service is frequent enough. For example, 90 minutes for trips beginning or ending in Manhattan, but two hours elsewhere. An even better solution would be to base the fare on time traveled instead of vehicles used, allowing unlimited travel for two hours between entering the system and the final transfer. This would encourage use of the system for short errands.

Allan Rosen

Sheepshead Bay

Unacceptable words

To the editor,

In The Brooklyn Courier Dec.22-28 edition I saw the Party Line column report that Warren Chan was fired from Councilman Brannan’s transition team. Glad to see the Councilman do the right thing. Although the response from Chan was upsetting to say the least. While Chan did apologize for the comments, he also said that Assemblywoman Niou “feels she is entitled to special treatment” and that “Assemblywoman Niou decided to use her elected official’s power and connection to escalate this into an EPIC media outrage.”

What Chan said was not acceptable for a regular person let alone someone who is the head of a community group. (I would not even repeat it here) and the fact that Chan doesn’t even realize this is troubling. Is this someone we want in charge of a Asian Community Society? I think not. Chan, respectfully, should resign.Michael Saccoliti

Bay Ridge

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