Shampoo crook is ‘Head and Shoulders’ above the rest

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge-Dyker Heights

What a flake!

A perp used his head — and shoulders — to rip off a bounty of shampoo and assorted goods from a 14th Avenue discount store overnight on Aug. 23.

Owners told cops the thief removed the security camera from the store between 68th and 69th streets after they closed at 10 pm.

When workers returned 12 hours later, they found that the dandruff-prone perps stole 10 bottles of Head & Shoulders, four bicycles and three rice cookers.

Rough party

A bar fight outside a club on 93rd Street turned ugly on Aug. 27 when an innocent bystander got slashed on the arm.

The victim told cops he was in the bar between Third and Fourth avenues when a fight broke out at around 3 am at the club and a man cut him on the arm with a shiv.

He wasn’t too badly hurt; he took himself to a hospital.

Smoked out!

A wheezy perp summoned the lung power to bust into a 13th Avenue bodega and rob the place blind — taking more than $900 and 15 cartons of cigarettes overnight on Aug. 26.

Owners of the store between Bay Ridge Avenue and 70th Street told cops that they locked up at around 10:30 pm and returned 12 hours later to find that a perp had broken in through the back door with a crow bar and made off with a DVD player, some prepaid phones, lottery tickets and the cash and smokes.

— Dan MacLeod