On the lam! Sheep that escaped Sunset Park slaughterhouse settles in New Jersey sanctuary

sheep being captured in brooklyn
The sheep first was transported by the NYPD Mounted Unit to Animal Care and Control of Brooklyn before arriving in New Jersey over the weekend.

A lost lamb wandering the streets of Sunset Park was wrangled by cops Saturday after authorities believe she escaped from a nearby slaughterhouse.

Lynn, believed to be five to six months old, is currently in quarantine at Skylands Animal Sanctuary in Wantage, New Jersey awaiting a veterinary examination before she can join the flock of 47 other sheep, according to Mike Stura, owner of the 232-acre rescue.

The loose lamb was first spotted in a parking lot near 34th Street and Second Avenue, close to Industry City, at around 1 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 3. Her spotting prompted a response from the NYPD’s Special Operations and Emergency Service units.

After evading their initial attempts to trap her, officers managed to gain control of the sheep and transported her to animal control before sending her on to Skylands Animal Sanctuary.

“Not baaaaad for a group of cops with no experience shepherding a sheep,” cops posted on X following the rescue.

On Monday, authorities said they are still uncertain where the sheep managed to escape from, with several slaughterhouses listed in the local vicinity.

sheep in brooklyn
Lynn was named after one of Skyland’s farmhands, and as a nod to her home borough.NYPD/X

Stura told Brooklyn Paper that he named Lynn after one of Skyland’s farmhands, as well as it being a nod to her home borough.

He noted that she arrived at the sanctuary on Saturday without the usual tags or stickers that indicate the animal was heading for slaughter, but “either way you’re looking at it, I’m sure she was destined for something not so good.”

Thanks to the defiance of the lamb, Lynn will now live out her days amongst other rescues, several of which were also pulled from the city’s streets.

Among Skylands’ 400 residents is Ricardo the bull who was captured from the tracks at Newark Penn Station after bringing services to a halt on Dec. 14.

“She’s got a few days, maybe a week, of quarantine basically until the vet gives us the okay,” said Stura. “Then she will integrate into our flock of sheep and spend her days doing whatever she wants — hanging out, lounging, eating.”