Sheepshead Bay medical facility ups its game to better serve community

Metro Healthcare Partners in Sheepshead Bay is celebrating a name change, remodel and overhaul of its patient services.
Metro Healthcare Partners

A 7,500 square foot state-of-the-art healthcare facility in Sheepshead Bay is celebrating a recent remodel that its leading doctor says has changed the game when it comes to the center’s services and patient-experience.

“We feel like we wanted to change and update to reflect the needs of the neighborhood,” Dr. Russell Greenseid, the owner of Metro Healthcare Partners, told Brooklyn Paper.

Dr. Greenseid, together with doctors Nick Chiappetta and Matthew Valvo, worked for more than four years to upgrade the center’s Nostrand Avenue facility, and ultimately meet a higher set of regulations and standards which came with the center’s recent designation as an “Article 28” diagnostic and treatment center.

The medical center, formerly known as HealthQuest, then went through an “extensive and expensive” overhaul, which has since expanded the types of services he and his team can offer both longtime patients and new visitors, said Dr. Greenseid.

Dr. Nick Chiappetta with a patient.Metro Healthcare Partners

“We’ve had to update the building structurally and aesthetically, and we do feel we’ve elevated our final product to meet a standard we’re all proud of,” the chief doctor said. “We’ve been here since 1994. Personally, I’ve been here since 1999 and it’s just so exciting to see the center grow.”

The center’s staff has also grown, allowing the facility to provide a wider array of services, Dr. Greenseid said.

“We’ve added and expanded all of our services, which kind of forced us to expand our staff.”

The staff, he said, can communicate to patients in over 125 languages, and the newly remodeled building is now completely ADA-accessible.

“We feel we represent the diversity of Brooklyn,” he said, “and I do believe that our staff is perhaps the most loyal, patient-centric staff we’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

To boot, the staff has also raised their own standards to meet those of the new-and-improved facility.

“Our staff has really raised the game as well,” Dr. Greenseid said.

Metro Healthcare Partners is proud to now serve patients from the onset of an injury to post-injury, the doctor said.

“We now have the capability to consult, diagnoses, treat and follow through with most muscular and skeletal injuries. We can treat basically any trauma from head to toe,” he said. “We also have board-certified physicians that will cater to the patient population, whether they need an orthopedist, neurologist, radiologist, chiropractic care — you name it. A patient can receive all necessary treatment under one roof at one location.”

And that one location is taking special care of patients in the age of COVID-19, Dr. Greenseid said. The waiting areas are sanitized several times an hour, temperature checks and mask-wearing are both mandated and the facility’s upgraded HVAC system helps with airflow.

“I feel safer here than in my own house — don’t tell my wife,” the doctor joked, adding that he and his team “never missed a beat” when it comes to serving the community amid the pandemic.

“We were never closed, we were open every day throughout the pandemic and we couldn’t be prouder of our staff and physicians for not missing a day of work,” he said. “And we really have a safe environment for all patients and staff.”

The facility, Dr. Greenseid added, caters to an especially large clientele of city employees and essential workers — making what he and his team set out to do feel even more important.

“Generally speaking, we feel that we’re basically responsible for all of our first responders and essential workers in the sense that, if they put their health in our care, we’re going to do everything necessary to keep them safe,” he said. “That’s a huge part of our COVID protocol.”

A physical therapist on the way to see a patient.Metro Healthcare Partners

When asked why one might choose Metro Healthcare Partners over a competitor, Dr. Greenseid said simply, it’s a one-stop shop.

“I was taught 100 years ago that a patient will pass 100 sites between their home and your facility,” he said. “I do believe we are a cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary treatment center. We have the latest tech as it applies to diagnostics, rehabilitation and treatment with the goal of returning all patients to their pre-injury status.”

And their over two decades in the community don’t hurt, the doc added.

“We’ve been here,” he said. “We haven’t moved. We’ve only grown, and we’re proud to represent the borough of Brooklyn. We’re honored to treat not only our first responders but also our entire community.”

Metro Healthcare Partners is located at 3500 Nostrand Ave. For more information, visit metrohealthnyc.com.