Sheriff’s office breaks up 200-person party at East New York biker club

The NYC Sheriff’s office raided a Feb. 7 party in Brooklyn where more than 200 patrons, many of whom weren’t wearing masks, partied in violation of COVID-19 regulations.
NYC Sheriff’s Office

Hundreds of people danced and drank with reckless disregard for COVID-19 protocols during an illegal rave in Brooklyn that the Sheriff’s Office broke up early Sunday morning, it was reported.

Three employees wound up in handcuffs — including the club’s manager, Geradino Luis Abdiel, who was allegedly found in possession of brass knuckles and a knife.

Over 230 people partied down inside a biker club at 283 Liberty Ave. in East New York on the morning of Feb. 7. The Sheriff’s office crashed the proceedings at about 3:25 am, with the raid resulting from an investigation based on tips the office received.

Some of the maskless patrons inside the club.NYC Sheriff’s Office

Inside the location, the deputies encountered various violations of the health code and emergency COVID-19 orders mandating social distancing, outlawing the indoor service of alcohol, and a ban on gatherings exceeding 10 people. 

Few patrons wore masks, according to the Sheriff’s office.

The organizers also did not have a valid liquor license, the Sheriff’s office reported.

Along with Abdiel, two other employees who promoted the event were also taken into custody by the Sheriff’s office: Fernanda Sales and Han Kyung. They were charged with violating the emergency orders and failing to protect public health.

Additional charges related to the Alcoholic Beverage Control laws are pending, the Sheriff’s office reported.

This story first appeared on AMNY.com.