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Shifting gears, burning rubber!

Patricia Lynch takes the wheel of the driving simulator video machine.

Bay Ridge

Mario Andretti ain’t got nothing on Patricia Lynch, who aced her computerized driving simulator test post hip-replacement surgery. Dr. Geoffrey Westrich, co-director of joint replacement research at Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, that other borough, initiated a new study to test driving reaction time after hip surgery using a sophisticated, spiffed-up sort of Wii game. Our pal Patricia was happy to give it a go, telling Standing O, “I thought the study was an excellent idea. As a nurse, I believe in evidence-based practice and feel doctors should know and study things in order to make the right recommendations to patients.”

Here’s how it works: Patricia took the test two weeks before the surgery, and again just two weeks after, to determine how fast she could shift from the gas pedal to the break pedal and back again. “Our study seeks to obtain good, objective data to determine if it would be safe for people to return to driving sooner,” Dr. Westrich explained. But for our pal Patricia, she’s able to drive a lot further now that her new hip is up and running.

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