Shot with mom’s gun

Shot with mom’s gun

A 15-year-old Flatlands boy was taken into custody on June 12 for shooting a friend with his mother’s gun.

Police scrambled to the Avenue L home between East 52nd and East 53rd streets that Saturday afternoon after the unidentified teen fired one round from his mother’s 9-mm pistol.

His victim, 20, was hit in the stomach and rushed to Kings County Hospital, where he’s expected to recover.

The teen’s mom, a New York City Correction’s officer, kept the gun in a safe, although it was unclear if it was locked.

Nor was it exactly clear what sparked the shooting.

“Right now we’re still investigating, but we believe it to be accidental,” one police source said.

Paramedics took the victim outside to stabilize him for transport. Some of the man’s clothes were left behind in the street as they sped him off to the hospital, witnesses said.

Cops arrested the 15-year-old, charging him with criminal possession of a weapon and assault.