‘Showtime’ dancers threaten straphanger

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown


A troupe of “showtime” dancers got belligerent after a weary straphanger refused to move and allow them space to do their acrobatic moves on a Coney Island-bound Q train on July 18, cops said.

The altercation started after the train left Manhattan’s Union Square, when the band of dancers, known for loudly yelling “Showtime!” and using poles in train cars to dance for tips, began the show, cops said. The delinquents got mad, however, when a woman refused to move from her place in the car, and began yelling at her, telling her, “If you don’t move we’re gonna move you ourselves,” according to a report.

After the commuter told the malcontents to take a chill pill (“calm down”) one of the ruffians tried to yank away her backpack, but another straphanger interceded, according to police. As the train rolled into the DeKalb Avenue station the dancers fled the train, but not before telling the woman that if they saw her again they would slap her and steal her phone, according to a report.

Shots fired

A pair of homicidal maniacs opened fire on two teens on Bridge Street on July 13, wounding both before running off, cops said.

The victims, both 14 years old, were between Front and York streets at 10:15 pm when two men approached them and said, “what’s up, what’s up?” before one of the men blasted off three shots at the boys, catching one teen in the shoulder and the other in the leg, according to a report.

The violent brutes took off while the wounded teens managed to run to a Vinegar Hill apartment building, where they were found bleeding from their wounds on a bench outside, cops said.

Responders transported one to Bellevue Hospital Center in Manhattan and the other to Methodist Hospital Center, according to a report.

Slow ride, take it easy

A frustrated straphanger flew off the handle and attacked a transit worker on July 14 at the Jay Street subway station, cops said.

The cretin, described as a woman in her 20s, approached the booth worker at 3:40 pm to ask for directions after schedule changes disrupted her usual route, but she quickly lost her cool and began screaming at the worker, a 48-year-old woman, before smacking her in the head with an umbrella and scooting away, according to police.

Ring it in

A trio of pricey rings went missing from a Henry Street condo sometime between April 23 and July 9, cops said.

The victim last saw her rings, one of which was valued at $15,000, in a jewelry box perched in her closet of her home between Orange and Pineapple streets, according to a report. Between April and July, when the condo was up for sale and realtors and prospective buyers were trooping in and out, the rings, worth a total of $19,500, vanished, police said.

Spooooky locker

A larcenous ghost or a sneaky thief swiped the contents of a locker from an Atlantic Avenue gym on July 15, doing the victim the courtesy of leaving it locked after looting it, cops said.

The victim had left his stuff in a locker while he worked out at the gym between Boerum Place and Court Street, leaving it unattended from 5:45 pm to 6:30 pm, according to a report. When he returned to the locker — still locked — he opened it to find all of his belongings missing, including clothing, a backpack, his iPhone, his wallet, and $20 cash, police said.

On further reflection, the man could not say whether he remembered actually locking the locker, according to a report.

Low blow

Opportunistic burglars ripped off a man while he was in police custody on July 15 and July 16, cops said.

Police took a man into custody after executing a search warrant on his Vinegar Hill apartment, securing the door after hauling him away, according to a report.

When the guy wsa sprung loose and returned the next day, he found some malcontent had busted in the door and stolen his television, XBox, MacBook Pro, and sound equipment, cops said.

— Noah Hurowitz

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