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Sight-seeing swan goes on road trip

What’s Aflac doing here?: Motorists were slowing down to see just what a wayward swan was doing alongside the Belt Parkway.
Photo by Paul Martinka

A sight-seeing swan took a wrong turn in Southern Brooklyn and ended up on the Belt Parkway — forcing cops to shadow of the wandering water fowl for its own safety until it found an exit.

Motorists must have been wondering if an Aflac commercial was being filmed near the Flatbush Avenue exit as they spotted the bird waddling down the west-bound shoulder, apparently unfazed by the vehicles zooming past it.

Witnesses said the swan began its journey near the Aviator Sports and Events Center in Mill Basin. It’s unclear what encouraged the bird to hit the bricks, but in a few moments it was nosing its way toward the Belt Parkway.

Watch out! A wayward swan got lost in Mill Basin and ended up walking along the Belt Parkway on Wednesday afternoon, shocking motorists who slowed down to watch the water fowl in action. The bird finally got off the highway at Plumb Beach.
Photo by Paul Martinka

Successfully accessing an on ramp, the creature waddled along the side of the highway as it headed toward Sheepshead Bay, officials said.

Curious commuters called 911, which dispatched a scooter cop to keep an eye on the swan —which are known to have nasty tempers — to make sure it didn’t veer into traffic.

Luckily, the creature followed the rules of the road — although it did stop for a drink at every puddle it came across — making it a small-moving trip to find an exit ramp: a hole in a fence that led the bird to its new home in Plumb Beach, officials said.

Taking a dip: A swan who decided to wing it and walk along the Belt Parkway takes a minute from his journey for some water.
Photo by Paul Martinka

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