Silver swiper hits Ocean Parkway

Home burgled

A thief broke into an Ocean Parkway apartment on Aug. 22, taking an assortment of silver.

The thief left his home between Quentin Road and Kings Highway at 8 am. He returned at 11 pm only to find his cherished silver missing. It was unclear how the thief got inside by late Tuesday.

Purse grab

A thief snagged a senior citizen’s purse during a lightning-fast Aug. 26 robbery on the corner of Avenue U and Ocean Parkway.

The 83-year-old woman was approaching Avenue T at 5:30 pm when the thief ran by her, plucking her bag right out of her hand.

Car raid

A thief broke into a 2011 Acura left on Quentin Road on Aug. 25, taking a Louis Vuitton purse found inside.

The car was left parked between E. 23rd and E. 24th streets at 12:55 pm. Its 22-year-old owner returned to the car at 3:50 pm, only to learn that her passenger window had been shattered and her purse had been taken.

Register raid

A 50-year-old thief swiped a cash register — and the cash inside it — from the Faces Beauty Salon on Avenue U on Aug. 22, but he wasn’t fast enough to enjoy his spoils.

The thief entered the store, which is near E. 22nd Street, at about 10:20 am, reached over the counter and grabbed hold of the register, which contained more than $2,500.

Cops arrested the thief a short time later, charging him with grand larceny.

Salon workers said the thief entered the business — which is undergoing renovations — that morning, and asked if he could help them bring the garbage out.

Bike swipe

A thief made off with a $500 bike left standing in front of a bank on Kings Highway on Aug. 25.

The victim had rolled over to the bank, which is near E. 13th Street, at 10:25 am and left his bike out front — not locked to anything — as he ran in to do a quick transaction.

But the thief was quicker: when the bicyclist came out more than half an hour later, his bike was gone.

More bike swipes

A free-wheeling crook made off with two bikes he found inside an Avenue P home on Aug. 23.

The 51-year-old victim said that the thief entered his home, which is near E. 19th Street, sometime after 9 am and made off with the two two-wheelers.

Shoplifter busted

A 19-year-old woman was arrested on Aug. 24 after she was caught trying to sneak nearly $40 worth of underwear from the TJ Max store on E. 15th Street.

Workers at the store, which is near Kings Highway, said the young woman took the undergarments from store shelves at 3:45 pm, but was grabbed by security when she tried to walk out with them — without paying.

Dryer devil

A thief walked into an Avenue U laundromat on Aug. 23 and swiped a bunch of clothes rumbling around in a coin dryer.

A 60-year-old woman told police that she had put an assortment of shirts and other items into the dryer at the laundry near Stuart Street at 7:30 am and went to a nearby store to buy something.

She returned a short time later only to learn that someone had helped himself to her clothes — then made a clean getaway.

— Thomas Tracy