Sinner breaks church window

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Unholy man

Some snake broke into a church on Mermaid Avenue on July 20, but left empty-handed, police said.

The report claims the miscreant broke a window of the church near W. 20th Street to enter on the second floor. Nothing was reported as stolen, the report says.

Not kosher

A thief tried to rob a synagogue on Nautilus Avenue on July 21, cops say.

The sneak broke a window on the second floor of the house of worship near Sea Gate Avenue to gain entry around 10:30 pm, before someone found him in the bathroom. Members of the synagogue reported nothing missing, but a few items were broken in the kitchen, the report says.

Switch swiper

Some jerk robbed an apartment on Avenue V on July 16, cops say.

The victim told cops she left her apartment near 86th Street around 11:30 pm, and left the door unlocked so her roommate, who she shares keys with, could get back inside. When she returned, her front door was open and her MacBook, Nintendo Switch, and cash were missing, the report says.

Bling brute

Cops cuffed a guy who they say assaulted a man on Neptune Avenue, cops say.

The report claims the suspect beat the victim with a metal jewelry stand near W. 36th Street around 6:30 pm, causing a deep cut on the victims arm.

Cut to the core

Some lout threatened a woman with a box cutter after stealing from a store on Brighton Beach Avenue on July 22, cops say.

The victim told cops she confronted the thief when noticed saw him shoplifting at the store near Coney Island Avenue around 11 am. The jerk then flashed a box cutter and said “what you gonna do, I’ll cut you,” before fleeing down Coney Island Avenue, the report says.

— Ben Verde

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