Skate gets punk’d

Skate punk

A punk stole a kid’s skateboard and then punched him in the nose on Oct. 18 near the corner of Hoyt and Pacific streets.

The victim, who is 14, was skating home to Bond Street at 1:40 pm when the perp suddenly came up from behind him, tripped him, grabbed the skateboard and raced off.


Cops arrested the same 19-year-old punk for terrorizing and mugging victims along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

The first incident came on Oct. 15 when the perp stole a woman’s handbag from her shoulder as she sat near Columbia Heights and Pineapple Street at around 11:15 pm. When she tried to chase the punk, he acted like he had a gun, and said, “Don’t even try it — back off.”

Next, just before 3 am, the perp and a buddy mugged two boys near the fabled walkway’s Clark Street entrance. One perp put their victim in a headlock and said, “Don’t move — don’t do anything stupid.”

His accomplice, meanwhile, rummaged through the victim’s pockets, making off with an iPod and cellphone.

But the perps didn’t get far. Cops caught both boys as they were lounging near the corner of Front and Dock streets in nearby DUMBO. The first punk confessed to the earlier crime, and cops recovered the victim’s cellphone. The woman’s purse was gone.

Hicks hostage

A man robbed a woman at gunpoint at the corner of Pierrepont and Hicks streets on Oct. 16.

The victim was trying to get into a building at that corner just after midnight when the perp approached her, pulled out a gun and said, “Give me your money.”

The victim took $12 out of her pocket and handed it over.

Smash hits

Perps broke into at least two apartments last week, making off with thousands of dollars in electronic equipment. Here’s a round-up:

• A perp broke into an apartment on Willow Street between Middagh and Cranberry streets on Oct. 17, getting a television, several video game consoles and programs, a laptop, an iPod, and several pieces of expensive jewelry.

The woman left her apartment at around 8 am and came back three hours later to find her front door unlocked and her rear bedroom window wide open.

• A burglar broke into an Atlantic Avenue apartment on Oct. 19 while its owner was out for the morning. The woman left her home, which is near Nevins Street, at around 9 am and told cops that all her doors and windows were closed and locked. But when she came back a few hours later, her balcony door was open and a burglar had stolen her computer, iPod and digital camera.

Low blow

A thug shot a 19-year-old man in the groin on Oct. 17 as he was walking on St. Marks Place, near Third Avenue at around 11 pm.

Cops are still searching for the gunman, but the victim was not able to get a good look at him. He’s in stable condition to Lutheran Medical Center.

Rim job

A punk jacked a car’s wheels and rims on Oct. 15, near the intersection of Willow and Orange streets.

The car’s owner had parked the vehicle there around 5 pm, but came back the next morning to find two of his wheels missing and all the rims gone, which were worth $2,300 total.

— Sarah Portlock