Ski-mask+baseball bat=unsportsmanlike conduct

94th Precinct



A pair of ski-mask-wearing bandits robbed a man as he was walking home from the train on Metropolitan Avenue on Feb. 18, cops said.

The 36-year-old victim said he was strolling between Manhattan Avenue and Graham Avenue at 6:45 pm when the two masked men approached him, one wielding a baseball bat.

“Give me your bag or we are going to hurt you,” the unsportsmanlike mystery man supposedly said.

The victim handed over his bag and the marauder looked inside of it, then handed it back, police stated.

Taking bank

A bank robber got away with nearly $2,000 in cash after threatening to shoot the teller at a financial institution on Manhattan Avenue on the afternoon of Feb. 20, police said.

The bank manager at the cash repository between Greenpoint Avenue and Milton Street reported that the robber came in at 1:40 pm handed the teller a note.

“10 seconds to give me $2,000 or I shoot her,” the note reportedly read “Test me.”

The worker handed over $1,940 in $20 bills, cops said. The raider ran to a nearby silver pickup truck, according to a police report.

Open-door policy

A slick thief talked his way into an industrial building on Leonard Street and stole hundreds of dollars worth of cable wire on the evening of Feb. 17, cops said.

The security guard at an electrical supply store between Richardson Street and Meeker Avenue told cops the no-goodnik showed up at the gate at 8:30 pm and said he had permission from the building manager to remove scrap metal from the building. The watchman let the sketch-ball in even though he didn’t actually have the okay, police reported. The wily crook cut the chain lock on the fourth floor and threw the cables out of the fourth floor window, then retrieved them, according to authorities.

Bright lights

A lady parking her car on Graham Avenue inadvertently stopped a man from stealing cash out of an automatic teller machine in the early morning on Feb. 19, according to police.

The driver told police that she was parking her ride between Frost and Richardson streets at 5:30 am when she saw a cretin trying to pry open the cash machine with a crowbar. The crook scrammed at the sight of the approaching vehicle, police said.

Lights, camera, no lights

A sneak thief crept onto a movie set at the corner of Provost and Green streets on Feb. 21 and made off with a generator, police said.

The catering company that was serving food to actors noticed its 3,000-horsepower generator missing at 4:30 pm, according to cops.

— Danielle Furfaro

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