Slap shot!

The Erasmus Hall High School athletic director who suffered a massive heart attack and died during the 2010 PSAL playoffs — only to be brought back to life by Emergency Service workers — was arrested on June 2 for allegedly attacking a school security guard. Now, his 36-year career with the Department of Education is in jeopardy.

Police say Marshall Tames, 67, slapped and poked the female guard in the eye during a fight inside the Flatbush Avenue school after the guard wouldn’t open the parking lot gate fast enough for him.

Witnesses told cops that the guard was running metal detector scans on students inside the lobby of the school, located near Church Avenue, at 2 pm when Tames tried to get her to open the gate.

The guard said Tames would have to wait, but he demanded she hand her keys over so a student could open the gate for him.

The guard refused, and an argument ensued. After a few heated words, Tames allegedly slapped the guard, leaving her with a bruise, witnesses told police.

The guard claimed Tames poked her in the eye, but it was unclear if he did so separately and intentionally or if his finger just hit the woman’s eye when he slapped her.

Cops took Tames into custody, charging him with assault.

The school would not say if Tames would be fired. Department of Education spokeswoman Margie Feinberg said no disciplinary action will take place until the criminal case is concluded.

It’s not the first time Tames has been in the news.

Tames suffered a heart attack last year during Erasmus Hall High School’s playoff game against Bronx’s Dewitt Clinton High School.

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