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Smash ’n’ grab

A burglar invaded a woman’s Union Street home and stole her purse on Jan. 16.

After shattering a front window, the thief was able to reach inside and unlock the front door at 6:30 am. Once inside the residence, which is between Smith and Hoyt streets, the burglar took a pocketbook near the front door.


Again, front doors are no barrier to hooligans, especially when they are unlocked.

This time, a woman’s purse was stolen from a counter near the unsealed entrance to apartment on Atlantic Avenue near Smith Street on Jan. 18.

The 49-year-old woman told cops she heard her door open, and, not expecting anyone, went to see who it was. Peeking in the doorway was a man who worked for a contractor in her building.

Only later in the afternoon did she realize that her purse, which contained $380, had been taken.

Police will be questioning the intrusive, suspect worker.

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