Sneak packs up shoplifted items in stolen suitcase and leaves store – Brooklyn Paper

Sneak packs up shoplifted items in stolen suitcase and leaves store

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Baggage claim

A sneaky filcher stole several items from a department store on Avenue U on Oct. 10.

The thief stole a suitcase and packed a jacket and some hats in it and took off from the store at Flatbush Avenue sometime between 1:30 pm and 4 pm, cops said.

Smash happy

A villain broke into and ransacked a car parked on Ralph Avenue on Nov. 8.

The victim told police that he left the car between Avenues N and M at 11:20 pm, and when he returned 10 minutes later his passenger-side window was smashed and the thief had taken his iPhone 7, his North Face book bag, and his Moncler coat.

Rims robber

A thief stole a man’s tires and rims from his car at E. 58th Street on Nov. 9.

The victim parked his vehicle between Foster Avenue and Farragut Road at 2:30 am, and retued at 5 am to find that a bandit had taken all four of his tires and rims off his car, according to cops.

Brazen swindler

A fraud tricked a man to give him money at his house on E. 51st Street on Nov. 5.

The victim told police that the shyster called his home between Avenues H and I at noon impersonating a tax agent and threatened the victim with prison if he did not pay the tax revenue service for money he supposedly owed.

The victim bought gift cards while on the phone with the fraud and gave him information to retrieve payments from the cards, realizing the lie later, cops said.

Midnight marauder

A bandit looted a woman’s car parked on E. 59th Street on Nov. 7.

The victim told police she left her vehicle between Avenues L and M at midnight and returned the next day at 7:50 am to find someone had rummaged through and stole her bank card, cash, and car registration.

Bag bandit

A lout stole a woman’s bag at an Avenue U department store on Nov. 9.

The cur took the bag, which the victim had left on the floor of the store near Flatbush Avenue for five minutes at 6:30 pm, and stole her bank cards, identification, and cellphone.

Drill dirtbag

A robber stole several drills from a parked car on Kings Highway on the night of Nov. 9.

The victim told police he left his pickup truck between E. 31st and E. 32nd streets at 9 pm, and returned at 5 am to find the cover of the truck bed was broken and that someone had stolen drills.

Illegal Aid

A scammer tricked a Royce Place man into wiring money to him on Nov. 7.

The lout called the elderly victim at his home between Bergen Avenue and E. 72nd Street sometime between 9 and 10:38 am and told him his grandson was in trouble and that he needed to send $8,500 for legal aid, according to cops.

The victim sent the money, but then spoke to his grandson and realized it was a scam, according to authorities. The dirtbag called again asking for more cash, and at that point the victim called the cops, police reported.

— Kevin Duggan

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