Sneak scares tenant trying to break in through balcony

90th Precinct


Man behind the curtain

A sneak climbed onto the balcony of a woman’s S. Second Street apartment and tried to come in through the window in the early morning hours of Sept. 21.

The woman was in the bedroom of her apartment between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street at 1:45 am, about to go to sleep, when she heard a noise and looked out at her balcony to see a man standing behind the curtain, authorities said. The ghoulish figure tried to enter by tugging on the locked sliding-glass door, and the woman screamed and went to alert her roommates, according to a police report.

The roommates all left the apartment and ran upstairs to call the cops, and officers arrived on the scene to find the unwanted visitor had fled, leaving only the screen door open, according to a police report.

Pat down

A nasty drug-seeking goon grabbed a woman at a Ross Street residence and searched her clothes before running off with her phone and cash on Sept. 26.

The victim told cops she went into the residence near Wythe Avenue at around 2:30 am looking for a bathroom, and a guy told her it was on the sixth floor. The woman got in the elevator after realizing there was no public bathroom, and when the elevator stopped on the fifth floor a man came in and stated “Give me your cellphone” and “Where are the drugs,” authorities said.

The low-life grabbed the woman’s phone out of her hand then took her by her arm into the building’s basement, where he searched her bra, waist, and socks and made off with $250 in cash, according to a police report.

Shot to the head

A violent gunslinger shot a guy in the head when he open-fired at a group in the back of a Manhattan Avenue apartment building on the night of Sept. 25.

The victim was standing at the back of the apartment building between Moore and Varet Streets at 10:40 pm with a group of 12 others when a guy wearing all red approached with a firearm and started to shoot indiscriminately into the crowd, authorities said.

The victim walked into Woodhull Hospital at around 12:45 the next morning and said he had a gunshot wound in his head, according to a police report.

— Allegra Hobbs

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