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Sneak yanks chain from dog walker’s neck

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Pet-lover unchained

A cretin stole dog-owner’s necklace on 85th Street under pretense of petting his pooch on July 6.

The dog owner was walking his hound between Fourth and Fifth avenues at 11:30 am when the faux dog-lover asked to pet the pooch, police said.

But instead of petting the dog, he pushed the owner to the ground and yanked a chain off his neck before fleeing, officials said.

Pipe gleaner

A scrap-loving scalawag stole a water meter and some copper piping from a 65th Street home between July 5 and 6.

The thief got into the home between 10th and 11th avenues through a back door some time between 6 pm on July 5 and 9 pm the next day, police said.

Window pain

A cat burglar struck two homes on a dead-end section of 98th Street in the last three weeks.

• First, the fiend took an iPad from a home between Harbor Court and the dead-end while the resident was on vacation between June 14 and June 21. The sneak climbed in through a dining room window, police said.

• Weeks later, a wall-scaler took $320 from another home on the same block sometime between July 6 and 7. The sneak came in through the kitchen window, officials said.

Gun it

Two twerps robbed a guy at gunpoint on Ovington Avenue on July 11.

The pair pulled a pistol on a guy just after he parked his car between Third and Fourth avenues at 5:30 pm, took the keys, and fled in the victim’s 2010 Toyota Camry, police said.

— Max Jaeger

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