Snooky-d on Seventh Av

There’s an old adage that says that you want to go where everybody knows your name. In Park Slope, that meant Snooky’s — but not any more.

The neighborhood’s version of a casual “Cheers”-type bar has closed.

“It’s the end of a neighborhood institution,” said local real-estate broker Roslyn Huebener, who has been a Snooky’s customer for more than 20 years.

“People went there for decades. I don’t think there is anything left like its kind — not a diner and not a restaurant, either. It’s a dying breed in America.”

The bar — which attracted older, though not completely out-of-play, customers — was probably the most notable feature of the Seventh Avenue hangout (unless you were a fan of the 20-ounce “house special” steak dinner — with German-fried potatoes — for $19.95).

“It was a very local place that was always there,” Huebener said. “You could count on it.”

Perhaps too much. Other fans said that Snooky’s was closing because the menu hadn’t changed in years — while nearby Fifth Avenue is booming with innovative cuisine.

The good news is that Snooky’s former manager — known neighborhood-wide simply as “Jose” — says he will replace the landmark with an Italian restaurant that will open next month.

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