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Snow plow swiped

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Snow’s coming

Someone anticipating a lot of shoveling stole a snow plow from a business on E. 12th Street on Feb. 2, according to police.

The plow’s rightful owner left the business near Avenue Y around 5 pm and returned at 9 pm to find someone had clipped a lock that safeguarded a plow and made off with it, police said.

Teens arrested

Police arrested a trio of teens who they say sent another adolescent to the hospital by beating him on Avenue X on Feb. 4 for nothing more than his cellphone.

The victim was on his way near Brown Street around 6 pm when the three approached him, police said. They punched him until he fell to the ground, then kicked him repeatedly in the face, knocking one of his teeth loose, officials allege.

One then grabbed his phone and the three fled, but police later cuffed all three, according to the police report.

Failed cab grab

Three conniving would-be thieves tried and failed to rob a cabbie on Coney Island Avenue on Feb. 5, police said.

The cab driver picked up the three around Mill Avenue and Avenue U around 2 am, but the trouble started near Kings Higheway, police said.

One of the three brutes pulled a knife out and tried to grab the cab driver’s cellphone, but must have been spooked because he broke a window and then all three fled.


A thief stole an air conditioner from a kosher burger joint on E. Fourth Street sometime between Feb. 3 and 7, police said.

The owner left his eatery near Avenue R around 9 pm on Feb. 3 and returned a few days later to find an air conditioner installed there was missing. He later found someone had popped the pins on a door to get access to his business.

— Dennis Lynch

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