Snow problem! GPS device stolen from Sanitation plow

Hey, Mayor Bloomberg — track this!

A thief swiped one of those fancy satellite-guided navigation systems that were installed in Sanitation Department trucks after last year’s Snowpocalypse, the first reported theft of one of the devices so far.

Police said that the Sanitation Department vehicle was getting routine maintenance at a Bay Ridge shop in February when a thief swiped the navigation system, a device that officials installed into the trucks as a way of mitigating outrage over the city’s blizzard response.

The crime wasn’t discovered until April 6, when the truck was at its normal lot along Hamilton Avenue near the Gowanus Canal.

A Sanitation spokesman said that the theft of the much-touted device was not immediately noticed because that particular truck had been deactivated for two months to allow radiation from some unauthorized medical waste to dissipate.

“It’s not uncommon,” said the spokesman, Matthew LiPani.

The mayor himself had heralded the GPS-tracking of snow plows in January, saying that all 1,700 Sanitation trucks would be fitted with the newfangled navigation systems.

The move came as the administration found itself still under fire for its handling of the Dec. 26-27 blizzard that left some streets unplowed for four days.