Snowball-throwing punks beat up man

90th Precinct


Snowball fight

Some punks beat and robbed a guy who tried to stop them from pummeling cars with snowballs on S. Third Street on Jan. 24.

The victim told cops he got into a verbal scrap with the three troublemakers while they were throwing snowballs at passing cars near Bedford Avenue around 5 pm.

One of the ne’er-do-wells punched him in the face, and pulled him to the ground, when a second punk jumped in and started punching the guy’s face, authorities said.

The victim’s phone fell out of his pocket during the scuffle, and the second perp grabbed it before the whole trio took off running down S. Third Street towards Wythe Avenue, according to a police report.

Stand and deliver

A trio of troublemakers trounced a delivery guy at a Flushing Avenue building on Jan. 23.

The victim was delivering food to the address near Bushwick Avenue at 6 pm when three scoundrels wearing ski-masks approached, authorities said.

One of the rogues pointed a black firearm at the guy and demanded he hand over the food and whatever money he had, police said. The victim forked over $200 in cash and $55 worth of food, according to a police report.

Teen stalk

A miscreant mugged a teenage boy after trailing him down Montrose Avenue on Jan. 21.

The 16-year-old victim was leaving a restaurant around 6:30 pm when the rake offered to walk him home and the boy refused, according to a police report.

But the wretch followed him down Graham Avenue, then down Montrose Avenue towards Humboldt Street, calling after him, “Don’t walk so fast,” authorities said.

The perp then told the kid he had a gun and wanted money, and the victim handed over an envelope containing around $170 in cash, cops said. The perp fled in an unknown direction, according to a police report.

Shower scene

A burglar broke into a young woman’s Lynch Street apartment while she was in the shower on Jan. 18, and ran off with her purse full of possessions.

The 20-year-old victim told cops she was taking a shower at 9:50 pm when she heard someone rummaging around in her apartment. She came out of the bathroom to find her purse, which contained a wad of cash and credit cards, nowhere to be seen, cops said.

The perp fled through the front door and left no signs of forced entry, according to a police report.

Dog burglar

Cops cuffed a woman who they say stole another lady’s little Yorkshire terrier around the Bushwick Avenue public housing where she lives on Jan. 20.

The victim was walking her Yorkie near Flushing Avenue at 11:30 pm when a woman allegedly pushed her and snatched the dog, according to authorities. The arresting officer saw the suspect shove the woman and leave with the pooch in her hands, according to a police report.

The victim had documents that proved the dog was in fact hers, police said. It was unclear if the victim and the suspect knew each other, according to the police report.

— Allegra Hobbs

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