‘Snub-nosed bandit’ behind another W’burg heist, FBI says

‘Snub-nosed bandit’ behind another W’burg heist, FBI says
Photo provided by the FBI

Police and federal agents are searching for a gun-toting North Brooklyn bank robber dubbed the “snub-nosed bandit” thanks to his weapon of choice.

Investigators say the revolver-wielding perp help up an Apple Bank in Williamsburg on Friday — his third Brooklyn target since September.

The crook entered the Flushing Avenue branch at 11:10 am, pushed a customer out of the way, pulled out a silver handgun, demanded cash, and fled from the bank, which is near Skillman Street.

Federal agents describe the robber as a 35-year-old man who stands about five-foot six-inches tall, and weighs between 150 and 190 pounds. Surveillance video shows him favoring dark, Woody Allen-style glasses and wearing a snazzy black wool scarf with a matching hat.

Law enforcement officials believe the robber uses livery cabs to take him to and from his financial targets.

The “snub-nosed bandit” is believed to be responsible for robbing a Capital One Bank on Broadway in Williamsburg on Oct. 18 and a Dunkin Donuts on McGuinness Boulevard in Greenpoint on Sept. 25, where he fired the gun that earned him his nickname.

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Federal agents are searching for a bank robber who held up six banks in Brooklyn and Queens, including Flushing Avenue’s Apple Bank today.
Photo provided by the FBI