So what if the New Yorker rejected your story?

So what if the New Yorker rejected your story?
Busted: Beth Kuster will upstage the New Yorker magazine by hosting (with Edward Colley, unpictured) a reading series featuring stories that were rejected from Eustice Tilly’s rag.
Photo by Tom Callan

Roald Dahl. James Salter. J.D. Salinger.

What do these writers all have in common? At one point, they were all rejected by the New Yorker.

And if you were, too, then Halyards has the event for you.

The Gowanus bar is launching “The New Yorker Rejects,” a reading series comprised of stories rejected by the hoity-toity magazine.

“Misery loves company,” said Beth Kuster, a freelance writer who runs the series with Halyards owner Edward Colley (and yes, for the record, has been rejected by the New Yorker). “Creation is a very solitary thing, so Edward wanted to create a bar where people who create can have a community.”

Halyards certainly hopes to cater to such a crowd, what with the obscure whiskies and the manual typewriter. But a literary bar needs a literary series.

Kuster wants to begin on April 27, but first, she needs submissions. Any story officially rejected from the New Yorker will be considered — but please, nothing too depressing.

“We don’t want anything that’s a downer or a buzz kill,” said Kuster. “Only light-hearted stories. I’m sure there are tons in this area. It’s such a writerly neighborhood.”

Halyards [406 Third Ave. between Fifth and Sixth streets in Gowanus, (718) 532-8787]. To be considered for the series, email your story to [email protected] with the subject line, “My New Yorker Reject is attached.”

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