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So, who dazzled you?

Eileen Dugan [the late Assemblywoman from Carroll Gardens], because of her strength of how she lived and her common sense. She was really old-school, but a radical, too. Before she was in the Assembly, there were no women’s bathrooms off the [legislative] chamber. She had to fight tooth and nail to get that.
John Heyer

It’s showtime! Candidates running to succeed Councilman Bill DeBlasio and represent a district that stretches from Carroll Gardens to Kensington are being asked to “dazzle” a Carroll Gardens community group at an upcoming forum. So The Brooklyn Paper asked the five men fighting for the Democratic nomination what politician has dazzled them.

Barack Obama is pretty dazzling but he sets the bar way too high. I’m drawing a blank here. Sonny Bono? I don’t know.”
Brad Lander

Howard Dean. I was against the war [in Iraq] from before the beginning, and he was a guy who was right and early, [too]. It took a while for public opinion to come around to him. He took a bold stand that was unpopular at the time.”
Gary Reilly

Al Gore has dazzled me with his breadth of knowledge.
Josh Skaller

Bobby Kennedy. I loved that he fought for the underprivileged and the middle class. He fought for people that needed government to help them.
Bob Zuckerman

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