Some say Golden’s image is tarnished

A Park Slope mother whose son was killed by a reckless driver recently spent 24 hours protesting outside a Bay Ridge state senator’s local office because she claimed the pol backtracked on a personal promise to her that he’d push the passage of a bill to double the number of speed cameras citywide, which his Republican party blocked in the state Senate. (“Mom: Golden promised me more speed cameras after my son’s death, then changed his tune,” by Julianne McShane, online July 6).

Amy Cohen, who stood vigil with other safe-street activists, claimed Sen. Marty Golden has the power to get the legislation passed before the city’s speed-camera program expires on July 25 — but is choosing not to.

Our readers’ opinions varied widely on this hot-button issue:

The speed-safety cameras are unfair because they give $50 fines — but a chance to save a life probably worth much more.MJ from Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge: Don’t send this guy back to Albany. Vote for one of his challengers this fall. Time for Marty’s career in politics to end.

Resident from Brooklyn

A Park Slope mother whose son was killed by a reckless driver. Seriously? Boy, talk about revisionist history. Her son chased a soccer ball into the street on PPW, a street that had already received a DOT “safe streets makeover.”

Zero charges were filed against the driver, yet he (not the victim’s) behavior was reckless?

Truth from NYC

“Truth from NYC”: the driver was almost certainly speeding. Collisions at or under the speed limit of 25 miles per hour rarely result in death. Also, the child had the light when he ran into the road. The lights changed as he slipped on the wet surface and a van slammed into him. That driver was almost certainly speeding and not paying attention.

Just because the lights change it does not mean you have a blank check to mow down whomever might remain on the crosswalk.Jason from LES

Marty really stabbed his constituents in the back. Especially in the 68 Precinct, where the top law enforcement priority is to issue summons to parked cars, and moving violations are routinely ignored because the patrol cars can’t be bothered to enforce the law, and the precinct commanders just don’t care.

We need speed cameras, red light cameras, and stop sign cameras. Lots of them. Obey the rules and you won’t get a ticket. It’s pretty simple.

John from Bay Ridge

Jason from LES, you aren’t taking into account how fast the child was running. Even if a car is only travelling at 25 mph, when a child runs into it at 25 mph it’s the same as a 50 mph collision. That’s how they die.

Kelly from Park Slope

I was at the New York City Council Transportation Committee meeting where Ms. Cohen, the mother, testified for the first time publicly after the tragic death of her son. She was quite brave and moving. The chairman was in tears at the end. I felt it, all present were moved.

Truth From NYC: You really know how to hurt with words. Jason: Let’s not argue again the circumstances here and now. Many versions have been presented. I have my own thoughts but I just concluded it was truly an accident without malice.

Everyone would wish it never happened.Tom from Sunset Park

Fort Hamilton Army Base must release the waiver that officials claim an undocumented pizza delivery man signed to allow a background check before Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials detained him at the base on June 1, the man’s lawyers are demanding. (“Papers please! Detained delivery man’s lawyers demand to see disputed waiver,” by Julianne McShane, online July 6).

Pablo Villavicencio-Calderon’s lawyers filed a Freedom of Information Law request for the waiver on June 12, the New York Daily News reported, and if they do not receive the document — or if it turns out not to exist — they plan to argue he was racially profiled at the base while making the delivery.

This latest development drew some impassioned reactions:

He is not undocumented. He has plenty of documents. it’s just that they come from another country, not here.Mustafa Khant from Atlantic Ave

So nobody can be arrested now unless they sign a permission slip first? What an interesting new law!Ms. Me from Bay Ridge

Was he driving a car or on a bike when he made this delivery? I’ve read both.

If he was driving a car without insurance, I’m not on his side…and his employer (the pizza place) should be fined for using unlicensed drivers as delivery boys.

Joey from Clinton Hills

Does it even matter? They’re grasping at straws. Whatever the procedure, this man had an outstanding warrent and was residing in violation of the law. His situation is undefensible.

His wife is even from the same country as he is, so they could easily settle there. He’s under no threat there, and is working in a field with no shortage of replacements. Making a mountain out of a molehill.William from Brooklyn Heights

The city is giving straphangers who need to cross the East River during the impending closure of the L train’s Brooklyn–Manhattan tunnel more rental bicycles to hop on, some of which are equipped with batteries that will help power the two-wheelers when riders get fatigued, officials recently announced. (“Helping handlebar: Citi Bike growing fleet with more bicycles, some battery-powered, and docks ahead of L-pocolypse,” by Julianne Cuba, online July 6).

The additional human-powered and new pedal-assist-electric CitiBikes will help the roughly 250,000 L-train commuters who cross the river daily do so — with minimal pollution — when its underwater Canarsie Tube closes for 15 months of repairs in April 2019, said Williamsburg state Sen. Brian Kavanagh.

This is what some of our readers thought:

I hope they plan on enforcing cycling and pedestrian laws on the bridges. It’s already a complete [mess] on the [Williamsburg] Bridge and will get worse once the train is shut down. People seem to think “I remember how to ride a bike from when I was a kid” equals, “I am qualified to ride a bike in NYC traffic.”

Vision Zero from Zero Vision

This is not George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”: Everyone from drivers to cyclists to walkers must follow the same laws of the road, even with the most extreme circumstances.

RThe Hunkster from Bed-Stuy

It’s nice that Sen. Kavanagh had mildly positive things to say, but the “greener” aspect of biking is the least important part. Cars are not going to be a viable option and bikes are much faster.Mike from Williamsburg

Better be some winter treads on those dockless bikes from December to April.bkmanposeur from nubrucklyn

Unfortunately, not everyone can ride a bicycle, and that has more to do with what their build is. Also, why pay to ride a bicycle from Citibike when the possible shuttle buses given by the MTA are free and can serve more?

I can understand how difficult it will be for some to get around the East River with the L train out of service, but I feel that it’s important to provide for transportation that serves a greater population, not a lesser one.

On a side note, talking about driving and parking isn’t something racist, but that’s the anti-car fanatics for you.Tal Barzilai from Pleasantville, NY

Hey Tal, How is Motivate expanding CitiBike service changing the MTA’s service? Did they cancel bus service? Cancel the ferry plans? Tell me, oh wise Tal, how providing an additional transportation option that puts very little ‘stress’ on the city’s infrastructure a bad thing?

How is expanding CitiBike service taking anything away from people who can’t ride a bike?

bkmanposeur from nubrucklyn

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