Someone stole a man’s painting!

90th Precinct


Art theft

An art-loving thief took a $15,000 drawing left in a moving van on Roebling Street on Feb. 26.

The victim was moving art from a rental truck into his S. Third Street apartment at 5:10 pm, but left the truck unlocked.

When he went to the vehicle to take the last painting up to his room, he found that it had been stolen.

He’s now offering a $500 reward for its return.

Taxi robbery

Two perps jacked a cab on Bushwick Avenue and took its passenger’s property on Feb. 27.

The perps blocked the victim’s cab near Grand Street at around 4:30 am, got out of their car and held up the victim at knifepoint.

“Don’t move my man,” one thug said, adding, “I told you I was gonna get you.”

The victim gave up $200 and his phone.

Pocket rifle

Three perps tried to rob a man on S. Ninth Street on Feb. 25 — but he was broke so they left him alone.

The man was near Wythe Avenue at 11:20 pm when three perps tackled him and one demanded, “Give me your money.”

They rifled his pockets, found nothing, and ran away.

Road report

At least two cars were swiped:

• A thief stole a car from Powers Street overnight on Feb. 25. The owner had parked his Honda near Bushwick Avenue at 7 pm, but returned the next day to find it gone.

• A perp took a Honda from Boerum Street overnight on Feb. 24. The owner told cops that she’d parked near Broadway at 7 pm, but when her son tried to drive away at 6 the next morning, the car wasn’t there.


A burglar stole $1,800 worth of property from a Ten Eyck Street apartment on Feb. 25.

The tenant left his apartment near Lorimer Street at 3:45 pm to get a sandwich, but when he returned 10 minutes later, he found his door was open and his computer, jewelry and camera had been stolen.

‘Second’ chance

Three perps snatched two laptops from a Lorimer Street restaurant on Feb. 21 while its owners were ordering food.

The two victims were eating in the Second Stop cafe at 7:25 pm, when three men entered the premises, grabbed the laptops and fled down Ainslie Street.

The victims gave chase and recovered one computer.

Run over

A thug struck a cab driver with his stolen car on Grand Street on Feb. 26 and then beat him up and robbed him.

The cabbie was standing near his vehicle on Union Avenue at 4:20 am when the perp drove into his leg. He was still wincing in pain, but the perp wasn’t done, leaving his vehicle, and striking the driver’s head, neck and shoulder, before taking $80 from his pocket.

Later that day, police arrested the thug and recovered the car.

Robbed landlord

A landlord allegedly robbed his Metropolitan Avenue tenant of fancy furniture while the tenant was on vacation.

A witness told the tenant that his landlord entered the apartment near Olive Street on Jan. 17 and took $19,000 worth of chairs and love seats — and even the toilet!

— Aaron Short