South Slope sex fiends attack again — the third time this week!

South Slope sex fiends attack again — the third time this week!

The South Slope Sex Fiend molested yet another woman as she walked her dog on Seventh Avenue on Thursday night — the third sex attack in a week and the 14th incident in the area since March.

In all that time, cops have arrested only one man, yet put out sketches of at six suspects in the broad-ranging gropings and attempted rapes. The lone arrest was on Tuesday, when cops collared Adolfo Martinez and charged him with just one of the incidents.

In the latest incident, the 26-year-old victim told cops that she was near 17th Street at about 10 pm when the creep, who claimed to have a knife, grabbed her crotch from behind. She screamed, and he fled — a pattern that resembles 12 of the prior 13 attacks.

The Brooklyn Paper asked the NYPD for additional information, but were rudely asked, “How many questions are you going to ask?” before being hung up on.

The harrowing assault comes hours after police released the sixth “Wanted” sketch and offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of one of the estimated three suspects.

Locals are fed up with the sickening spree across a swath extending from Park Slope to Sunset Park. Of those incidents, one resulted in a rape.

“This has gotten absolutely ludicrous,” said Aaron Brashear of the Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights. “I’m disgusted, and I don’t even know who to blame anymore. We catch a guy one day, and the next day there’s another attack.”

The arrested man, Martinez, a 26-year-old fish market worker in Chinatown, is being held without bail on charges of sexual abuse and forcible touching. He’s undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

Martinez fits the description of the South Slope fiend or fiends: He is short, Hispanic and in his 20s. A warrant for his arrest from the earlier case was still in effect when cops caught up with him on Tuesday, police said.

But locals remain vigilant and angry. Since August, residents have organized the community against the thugs with a buddy system to walk women home at night, unarmed citizen patrols via the Guardian Angels, and free self-defense classes.

The new Kings Bay Y on Prospect Avenue in Windsor Terrace — the neighborhood most recently plagued with attacks — will provide free self-defense classes next weekend.

Kings Bay Y [1224 Prospect Ave. at Vanderbilt Street in Windsor Terrace, (718) 407-6377], Oct. 23, 1–3 pm, free. For info, visit www.ywindsorterrace.org; Anyone with information on the fiends is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-8477.

These two sketches stem from last Sunday’s incident, the 12th of 13 attacks by the South Slope Sex Fiend (or, more accurately, the Sex Fiends). Cops now have six sketches — and have made one arrest.