Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and most of Brooklyn’s Council members love a terrorist

Brooklyn’s council members are bleeding hearts for pond scum.

All of them, except Bay Ridge’s Vincent Gentile — go, Vinnie, go! — voted to pass a resolution seeking clemency for unrepentant Puerto Rican extremist Oscar Lopez Rivera, leader of Armed Forces of National Liberation or F.A.L.N., a Marxist gang responsible for the most terror attacks on American soil between 1970 and 2011.

Lopez Rivera, who has served 33 years of a 70-year sentence for seditious conspiracy and a failed prison break, declined a pardon in 1999 because he refused to renounce violence, but chronically clueless Council speaker Melissa Mark Viverito remains his groupie, marching for his freedom and tweeting his release is “what I want most for my birthday.”

The borough pols who caved to her clearly don’t care our city is the world’s top terror target. So on election day, we should mulch potted plants Chaim Deutsch, Mark Treyger, Mathieu Eugene, David Greenfield, Brad Lander, Stephen Levin, Alan Maisel, Carlos Menchaca, Jumaane Williams, Inez Barron, Robert Cornegy, Laurie Cumbo, Rafael Espinal, Darlene Mealy, and Antonio Reynoso for supporting a remorseless terrorist.

Joseph Connor and his older brother Tom turned 9 and 11 years on Jan. 24, 1975, the same day Lopez Rivera’s henchmen killed their 33-year-old father, Frank, and three others in the lunchtime bombing of Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan, among the terror group’s more than 130 bombings across the country. Frank Connor, a devoted family man who loved the Giants and Mets, was raised in working-class Washington Heights not far from Viverito’s district, and the speaker’s depraved sympathy for his murderers is hard to stomach.

“My dad loved his family and worked hard, going to college at night, to support us,” Joseph Connor told this column. “Viverito and her terror supporters claim 33 years is enough for Lopez Rivera, but it certainly was not enough time for our young father’s life.”

The city’s second top politician and her cronies are willing to fib, fudge, and befog their way to a pardon, Connor adds.

“If they really sought justice, they would seek justice for Frank Connor, too,” he says.

The indifference of our oaf-cials shows they value the aims and actions of an avowed terrorist over the everlasting grief of his victims. They should gag on their shame.

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