Special delivery! Slope sex shop dispatches toys within an hour — by bike!

Special delivery! Slope sex shop dispatches toys within an hour — by bike!
Photo by Bryan Bruchman

A Park Slope sex toy store has the answer for residents that want some action on days when they just don’t want to get out of bed.

Babeland is delivering kinky treats right to your home within an hour — teaming up with a bike courier company to bring adult goodies to Brooklyn horndogs because in Brooklyn, getting dildos should be no different than getting Domino’s.

“This is New York City. You can get anything delivered,” said Pamela Doan, a spokeswoman for the purveyors of all things that vibrate and lubricate.

The door-to-door of service works like this: whoopie-makers can scope out items online, then call Babeland to place an order. A receptionist at the shop, which is located on Bergen Street near Flatbush Avenue, then assigns the delivery to a cyclist at the forward-thinking bike messenger company, Clementine Courier. A pedal-grinder then drops a “discreet-looking box” at any address in Brooklyn, usually in less than an hour.

It was Babeland shoppers who made a proposition for delivery, Doan said.

“These customers know exactly what they want, ” she said.

And the action packs are now flying out the door and down the streets.

Babeland staffers say shoppers use the service most on three-day weekends and claim hotels get the majority of the action when it comes to delivery.

There are plenty of reasons why boot-knockin’ Brooklynites might turn to bike messengers to kick things into higher gear.

For some, getting dressed and heading to the sex shop could ruin the mood. For others, a broken toy could cause a bedroom emergency. And, of course, there’s bad weather — one of the main reasons people order delivery in general, and a great incentive for frisky Brooklynites to stay in bed.

“We’ve had people call and say, ‘We desperately need it here within the hour,’ ” said Steph, one of Babeland’s sex educators, who asked The Brooklyn Paper to omit her last name in order to dodge potential internet creeps. “It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

The “Hitachi Magic Wand” — one of the oldest and least flashy plug-in vibrators on the market — is the product most often delivered by bicycle, likely because folks are familiar with it, Doan said.

Singles sometimes call to replace a beloved gadget, while couples tend to stock up on lube and condoms.

Delivery costs $30, but it’s free on Valentine’s Day — just like last year, when workers on two-wheelers wore bow ties for the occasion.

“It’s hilarious,” said Diana Delatorre, a fan of Babeland. “I’ve never used it — but now I want to.”

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