Spitz in your face: Are all men pigs?

“I like to think they wouldn’t, but then again, seeing man after man in power trying to get away with it, that brings it home that they would.”
— Sarah, Prospect Heights

Reports that Gov. Eliot Spitzer hired prostitutes was the talk of political insiders all week. But the man on the street — in this case, the woman on the street — was talking about the story a little differently. Our inquiring photographer asked Brooklyn woman a simple question, “Would all men cheat on their wives if they knew they could get away with it?”

“Oh, not every man — about 60 percent of men would do it. I’d like to think that 40 percent of men have a conscience, though it could be just a weak libido.”
— Kimberly, DUMBO

“Yes, they would. Just because they are men.”
— Anna, Park Slope

“No, not all men. Men who cheat are probably not happy at home or with themselves.”
— Joanne, Park Slope

“No. There are plenty of men in the world who respect what family and marriage is. … But when they’re in a position of power, they think they can get away with it.”
— Rebecca, Park Slope

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