Spotted! Jay Street planters keep getting moved by parking scofflaws

Spotted! Jay Street planters keep getting moved by parking scofflaws
Community News Group / Vince DiMiceli

It’s the Jay Street Shuffle!

Someone — or someones — has been moving car-blocking planters the city has place on Jay Street to fend off scofflaw parkers as if they were chess pieces, reorganizing them almost every day to make sure they can leave their car on the busy block.

The heavy planters, which were installed last month, have been moved by muscle-bound drivers to a number of different places along the street, including inside the bus lane, inside the bike lane, and, most perplexing, within a legal parking space — where they were found Monday morning.

This week alone, the planters, which take the strength of at least two men to move — were found in two different places on Monday and Tuesday, only to be put back where they belong — inside a pedestrian safety zone between the bike lane and bus lane — by Tuesday night.

It is unclear where the planters will be at the time you are reading this story.

A Department of Transportation spokeswoman told this paper last week that no matter how often the planters are illegally moved, they will be relocated to the proper place as soon as possible.

For updates on where the planters are, check BrooklynPaper.com as often as you can.

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Home sweet home: They were back in their correct spot on Tuesday.
Community News Group / Vince DiMiceli