Stabbed over cigarettes

Stab over cigs

A knife-wielding thug stabbed a 49-year-old sidewalk cigarette seller on Dec. 5 during a bloody clash at Livingston Street and Flatbush Avenue.

The victim was selling a carton of smokes to the goon at 6:10 pm when the thief walked off without paying.

The victim pursued the thief and was stabbed in the chest and back for his trouble — leaving him with injuries requiring surgery at Brooklyn Hospital.

Cell hell

An armed quartet robbed an 18-year-old of his cellphone during a tense confrontation at the corner of Jay and Concord streets on Nov. 30.

The victim was nearing the intersection at 8:40 pm when the gun-toting crew surrounded him and ordered him to give up his phone.

Starbucks steal

A thief snagged a woman’s purse on Dec. 2 during an over-caffeinated clash at the Smith Street Starbucks.

The victim told police that she was enjoying her latte between Wyckoff and Bergen streets at 9:38 pm when the goon grabbed her bag and ran off with it.

Cable crime

A subway rat looted an MTA train tunnel on Dec. 5, taking $1,300 worth of copper cable near the corner of DeKalb Avenue and Flatbush Avenue Extension.

The theft — which was discovered at 1 am — was similar to a Dec. 1 crime that took place underground near the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Fulton Street, MTA officials told police. In that case a half-mile long electric cable valued at $1,833 was ripped off the tunnel walls.

Hicks raid

A thief broke into a Hicks Street apartment on Nov. 29 while the tenant was picking up his daughter from school.

The victim said he had left his home between Pierrepont and Montague streets at 3 pm. The door was unlocked, allowing a thief to swoop in and take a MacBook and iPod.

Beaten for cell

A crook jumped an 18-year-old at the corner of Livingston and Hoyt streets on Dec. 3, taking his cellphone.

The victim told police that he was nearing the corner at 10:30 am when the thief punched him in the face and made off with his Blackberry.

Brazen baker

An Almondine Bakery employee is the lead suspect in a pocketbook theft that took place inside the Water Street pastry shop on Dec. 2.

The victim told police that she accidentally left her purse inside the bakery between Main and Dock streets at 5:30 pm. She realized her mistake and returned a few minutes later, but the bag was gone.

Surveillance footage from inside the eatery clearly shows that an employee palmed the bag.

Camp crook

A thief snaked his hand into a woman’s purse as she celebrated at Camp on Smith Street on Nov. 22, taking his victim’s driver’s license and credit card.

The victim kept her bag near her as she sat at the bar between Wyckoff and Warren streets at 2 am, but the thief got an opportunity to rifle through it when she went to the bathroom. He later used the woman’s credit card to make a $575 purchase.


A crook swiped a wallet from a 22-year-old woman on Nov. 29, then used one of the stolen credit cards to gas up his car.

The victim told police she didn’t realize her wallet was missing until she returned to her home on Cadman Plaza West between Poplar and Middagh Street at 3 am the next morning. The missing card had been used to make a $60 purchase at a nearby gas station.

Phone snag

A 17-year-old George Westinghouse HS student was arrested on Dec. 1 after he stole a classmate’s cellphone.

The 16-year-old victim was inside the Johnson Street school between Tillary Street and Tech Place at 9:42 am when the thief asked for the time. When the victim pulled out his phone to check, the 17-year-old grabbed it and tried to walk off with the item.

— Thomas Tracy