Stan fends off another scammer

This is the second time and they still haven’t learned. The phone rang and I noticed the call was from some travel company. I picked it up and heard a sweet female voice telling me I was selected to receive a seven-day, all-inclusive, vacation for two at a wonderful five-star hotel in St. Lucia, absolutely, positively free of charge. I picked the date and was stopped cold when she asked for the numbers on my credit card.

“Why do you need that?” I asked. “I thought this was free.”

“Yes it is, but we have to get you the airplane tickets.”

“Oh that’s not necessary. I’ll get there on my own. I am a licensed pilot and I am the proud owner of an almost brand-new Cessna TTx.”


• • •

Okay, gang: Who said, “She will say anything and change nothing. Hillary can’t be trusted and isn’t qualified to be president.”

Answer: Barack Obama, eight years ago. What has changed? What was he promised for his support?

And while we are at it, what was the Communist Party promised for their support? Why would any red-blooded American patriot want to vote like a communist?

• • •

After listening to Bill Clinton’s super-sensational speech, Rush Limbaugh asked his radio audience the best question of the year: “Why would he cheat on such a wonderful woman?”

On that subject, I am reminded of a question to which I do not know the answer: “Whatever happened to the world-famous blue dress?” Shouldn’t it be on display in the Smithsonian?

• • •

Many years ago, I attended a New York Giants baseball game at the old Polo Grounds. The score was close, and with two men on base, Whitey Lockman struck out to end the game. I felt bad for the team I was rooting for, and I thought I would be able to cheer them on if I could get to see them in person. We waited by the players entrance as they came out. Sid Gordon and Big John Mize were laughing and joking. To them, it was just another day. My friends and I felt a lot worse than they did.

It was a very warm 90-degree day on Fort Lauderdale Beach and I could not help but eavesdrop on the talk between three or four Yankee fans and another handful of Red Sox fans. It started with a short, peaceful chat about A-Rod’s announcement that he is retiring. That chatter escalated into a bitter discussion between the fans of the two rival teams.

I decided to move my beach chair way out of harm’s way before this very loud argument became a fist fight. Okay, so the fist fight never broke out, but a vulgar, vile disagreement had others move with me.

I never understood this. It’s all about a sport — a match between two rivals that has been with us for as far back as I can remember. It’s a sport where the athletes earn mega-millions of dollars — a helluva lot more than they did in the days of Lockman and Mize.

You and I spend many bucks to see the sport. So what if a guy you like strikes out or the man you hate hits a home run? Those players benefit while we have nothing better to do but get into battles.

I love baseball and I have attended major league and minor league games in many cities and states. Most of us have many more personal things to worry about.

I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net saying I’ll be damned if I, as an adult, let a sport get to me.

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