Stan finds wisdom buried in his pockets

Here are more snippets from the backs of business cards and scraps of paper piling up on my desk.

At this moment, 60 percent of Americans are in favor of photo identifications to vote on Election Day. That didn’t make a difference to the federal judges who overturned the Arizona law which required the identification cards before allowing one to vote. That news brought glee to the liberal talking head on the tube who was ecstatic because the law, according to her, prevented people from voting. “It is a hardship for minorities and the poor to go downtown to secure photo identification.”

Explain that to me. How is that a hardship for minorities? Last I heard everyone, no matter where they are from, is permitted to ride on a bus. As for the poor, it is the same hardship for them to go downtown to fill out the forms for food stamps, welfare money, and all of the other entitlements, yet they seem to do okay in that department. Come on, lady. We know what this is all about.

• • •

I know it’s early to think about the Academy Awards, but I truly believe special consideration should be given to Jay Carney even though he is not in the movies. His lying with a straight face is the best piece of acting we have seen in years.

• • •

I spoke to several people who will not spend money to see a movie starring an Obama supporter. That does not mean they won’t see the movie. They just will not spend money to see it. They buy a ticket to a different movie and then walk into see the Clooney flick next door. This is a movement they hope will catch on.

• • •

I continue to hear about so many people hating the Fox News Channel. Somebody must like them. The top six shows in the most recent cable news race are telecast on Fox. I hate like hell to disappoint so many O’Reilly haters but, as usual, Mr. Bill is number one.

• • •

Last month’s issue of “Vogue” was 916 pages of heavyweight paper thick. That’s about as heavy as most phone books. You might want to think about being a little nicer this Christmas to the poor mail carrier who delivered it.

• • •

Free food is like pigeon feeding. Do it for a while and the birds return with all their friends. Then, after a short time, they rely on you totally to continue eating. You will notice that you have created a welfare society of feathered dependents. This is pretty much the same as something the progressives want and need to maintain power.

• • •

When you hear the names “Ben and Jerry,” your thoughts immediately turn to some wonderful flavors of ice cream. Right? Some of us who lived in Canarsie a few decades ago might think of Ben and Gerry (different spelling but pronounced the same) Dubose and the Canarsie Historical Society, the Canarsie Indians, a man in a three-pointed hat giving talks to youngsters about local history and two of the nicest folks to ever walk the streets of Brooklyn.

Retirement sent them south to the city of Malabar, Florida where they continued volunteering for their new community. Right now, Ben Dubose is running for mayor of that sunshine city. Many who remember his wonderful efforts and accomplishments join Carol and me in wishing him “good luck.”

• • •

Let’s walk down Memory Lane and recall the sights and sounds of Obama’s election four years ago. There is one huge scene that stuck in the crevices of my medulla. I still picture that overjoyed female shrieking “Now Obama will fill my tank with gas and pay my mortgage.”

Everybody, “Yeah! Right!”

I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net saying, No! We’re not better off now than we were four years ago. That’s only my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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